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What they really mean is "no politics that the mods don't like". And really that extends to anything the mods don't like, political or not.

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For example in Zelda forums it's not popular to state that BOTW borrowed concepts from Wind Waker (A LOT actually!) Wind Waker is essentially BOTW Junior but with a pretty ocean. Not sure why stating praise for either BOTW OR Wind Waker generates so much toxicity online but it is what it is. I guess they are the 'Conservative' games of Zelda even though BOTW was the 'hip' version of Skyward Swords awful linearity.

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"no politics that the mods don't like"

I agree with this.

Apply it to every other main online platform and congratulations, you understand how the internet works (a bunch of mods forcing their agenda)

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Because that is the agenda of our generation, the woke agenda. Why do you think they are shitting themselves because Elon Musk is buying Twitter?. Twitter gives them the power to cancel opposing opinion and debate, in turn controller the direction of the narrative.

As much as the right try and make out things are changing, the neo-liberal globalist left still dominate the debate and groupthink tank. Being woke is like being cool and hip while being conservative minded is considered old and uncool, a dying view of life(which it is).

The right wing/Alternative side of politics is outnumbered and out financed.

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    I am just careful with what words I use mate, I was on liveleak in the glory days, I know who runs the show and who you cannot speak against.

    They are everywhere, and always watching. These institutions can get people to make your life a living hell, gangstalk you.

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    And then you become like Kavanaugh batter and torn after spelling your entire sex life to the media to defend yourself against false shit.

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    And the right is also dominated by fake liberals who pose as right but actually swallow the left then say 'I'm a democrat' My whole life they've done that shit. Rush often called out on it more towards the latter part of his years.

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    Why does so many of the right think they can do things the old fashion word of mouth way and not realize the power of social media has always been one step (several actually) ahead of them? They keep to the old formula that most of us are Godly people when in reality it couldn't be further from the truth and some just now are figuring it out.

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    Read this essay, it explains it quite well:

    Then please share it on all your social media platforms. These ideas need to get more readers.

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    What does it explain? Agoraphobia? Video games culture? Politics?

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    Some animals are more equal than others

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    Now the pigs call themselves Elites. Never wanted to see them eaten quite so much.

    I could go for some bacon.

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    Repiglicans eat people. Not recommended.

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    Democrats making the Ministry of Truth dude. They're both pigs, but the top pigs are on your team rn.

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    If they eat leftists I concur. Making the world a better place one dead leftist at a time.

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    A Leftist world is unironically an improvement over the current Kike Tranny world order.

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    There are RepubliCAN's that exist but they get drowned out by the RePIGlicans so idiots like most on the web (including here) assume they are all one in the same which is a shame and idiotic. It is an easy win for the elites that way!

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    You mean like Democrat Leftist Reza Aslan? Hey at least I have a citation.

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    What are you talking about? That's a leftist utopia!

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    No such thing, in a US with lax gun laws, shitty healthcare, gerrymandering, veterans killing themselves, drug overdoses, lack of regulation of BigCorp and Wallstreet, money laundering, corruption of white collar criminals, etc, etc

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    All the fault of the left. Congratulations.

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    Since net neutrality failed those who control the internet infrastructure control the internet. With few exceptions. It is not the gamers, let alone popular opinions, that support the hypocrisy. It is literally the .001% who are forcing you to live like this.

    All you can really do is mock them. To that extent you should have screen shots of them breaking the rules and of you getting banned. Screenshots you can post everywhere to mock them.

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    I can never get prnt screen to work on any computer I've ever had. Even back in the Bush era.

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    It's literally a button on the keyboard. It works in Windows, Mac, and even real operating systems like Linux.

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    Standard leftardism.

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    I play a game called Heroes & Generals. I have been banned a multitude of times for saying relatively innocuous political things when the conversation turned political, which is a topic they made out-of-bounds. One time I even said "covid is the flu" and not only did I get banned from the chat for 2 weeks but I got threatened with criminal pursuit because I was "killing people" with my "disinformation".

    And then when the Russian military went into Ukraine, they shut down their Moscow servers "in protest" or some bullshit, while about 30% of their playerbase was Russian.

    Just exemplifies the "no politics except when we choose" perfectly.

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    They are rules to stop wrong think. Conservative values are wrong think.

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    Why don't they just say 'Conservatives need not to apply'.

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    Virtually everything video game-related is infested with and run by trannies.

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    I was actually surprised as I thought they wouldn't want to touch a video game with a ten foot pole! Let alone something 'baby' ish like Zelda. You'd think they would touch the games that are already infested with sicko mentality people and devs. All those dark 'end of the world' hack n slash games seem like perfect breeding grounds for such behavior. About as likely as mosquitos down by the river in the evening.