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Oh I loved Supreme Commander. It was so cool for many reasons, but I liked that you could zoom the camera out ALL THE WAY which is so awesome for an RTS game. And it supported multiple monitors.

I should go back and play it. I don't think the mechanics of the game were quite as good as Total Annihilation though.

IMO no RTS can touch Rise of Nations though. That's the best RTS ever made, and the last real Age of Empires game too. Such a good game.

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Yeah TA was 'wack'! I came in after liek, red alert Yuri's revenge.. .some kid had it in highschool and I knew how to clone Cd's.. very nice.

There is a SC 2 and I still have to play the Forged Alliance expansion from 1 (I got SC 1 for 2,5 euros in a bin at some store, looked cool enough, later I found out that if you entered the CD key into Steam you get the expansion for free).

I've done all C&C up to 3 and expensions (also red alert 1, 2 gernerals + zero hour and the tiberium saga up to 3 with expansions). Rise of nation sounds cool, with the alpha centauri devs.

But just the conecpt of unlimited drones/bots (we are getting closer) seems so cool, more advanced and tacitical innovative for Real Life wars. You only Kill one commander, that's it! the whole army is drones and not some bad luck (might be yourself) dude/dudette. Also made it more immersive: bots look the same, it's a bit freaky to have an army of exactly the same persons. (though the GI traning would be like RL, but Yuri... Yuri being the exact same as every Yuri doesn't make sense not even with the cloning vats...)

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You only Kill one commander

Yeah it's like chess in that way. Rise of Nations has a mode with a king that you have to protect, and if he dies, that's game over.

The technology is just finally there to be able to do some of these more advanced features