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Don't be sorry. I personally know a couple of the guys who have worked for one of the top VR companies, one a coder, one a designer. Both extremely talented people. I can't recall if it was Oculus or a competitor but no difference.

One day at a party, one of them sort of corners me and starts talking about how awesome it would be to be able to give a big man a small woman's experience so that he could understand how powerless and afraid she feels. I said why doesn't she take a martial arts class and buy a gun, then? He didn't like that answer. I said I knew plenty of small women who didn't feel powerless or afraid in their daily lives (since that's the wheelhouse for my sexual partnerships). He liked that response even less.

As usual with these big tech companies now, it's not about fun and games. It's about being Responsible Citizens(TM) who control and indoctrinate, for (((whatever))) reason.

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    For people at the level of the people I know, it's just the culture here. It IS a religion. They are convinced of their own moral superiority just like any devout muslim. I have a friend of a friend who moved here from hickville Alabama, adopted the wokeness ASAP, and then started accusing everyone else of not having enough of it precisely because she was so insecure in her own. If they DIDN'T add wokeness to everything they did, they'd have to hear from their "friends" and associates all the questions about why didn't they when it's Clearly Important.

    Perhaps, at the funding level, there is another objective. God knows we see the same thing repeated often enough in so many different media.

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    Except the many caucasians do not have any sense of collective pride, rather loathing even if they may be individually proud. So these virtue singalling may even appeal to them paradoxically, at least to the leftoids.

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    The problem is your racist fucking views have little support now.

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      Yah. This is why I've taken up options trading. Novelty aka variety is one of the six basic human "needs." It's necessary for establishing trust in one's world.

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      I decided not to buy an oculus when they were bought by facebook. It was clear a decade ago that facebook was another leftist authoritarian company. And you still gave them your money. You deserve what you got; you literally paid to get it.

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        Wow, you have clearly learned nothing.

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        Dude come on... That's clearly over the top. Life is give and take, a series of tradeoffs of what's most valuable.

        Lambasting him after the fact does nothing but make you seem like an ass.

        Instead of that, maybe tell him about the importance of looking at things through a long term prism that led you to not use your money in support of Facebook and what alternatives exist.

        This way, anyone reading this later, or in a similar predicament might make a better decision, Instead of just coming to the conclusion that you're an a-hole.

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        Of all the 3d products out there Oculus is THE one to be ideologically radical. This is the guy funding the very thing he came here to rile against. I think he deserves some criticism. Give and take means you have to settle for the lesser of two evils, he didn't do that. He bought the cosmopolitan ice cream and is complaining that it has strawberry flavor touching his vanilla.

        It is a shame that telling it bluntly is seen as being an asshole, but beating around the bush is just not my style. I don't know how to speak snowflake. Maybe I lack the intelligence, maybe I ran out of fucks, and maybe the rest of you have been pussyfied and over react emotionally to criticism. It seems to me to be the latter as the people who complain about me being an asshole are usually the first to start hurling ad hominems and name calling.

        Meanwhile when someone tells me "you aren't being attacked for speaking the truth, you are being attacked for the way you said it" and I ask "how should I have said it then?" I get nothing back but silence. Because ultimately people are in denial about the fact that they can't handle the truth and their super ego manufactures excuses that shift the blame on the other person.

        That it hurt your feelings doesn't mean I'm an asshole. I managed to get my point across without name calling, which is something you couldn't manage. It is a fact that his actions directly rewarded Oculus and facebook for creating the product he doesn't like, and it is a fact that he should have seen it coming. And for simply saying that I get attacked with baseless claims of feeling superior, of being sanctimonious and authoritarian. No argument, just personal attacks. Yet somehow I'm the asshole. sure

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          In what way am I virtue signaling? By saying you shouldn't buy products from companies which advertise that they subscribe to an ideology of hatred and expect unbiased products?

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          Think about when all of this identity politics, cancel culture, bullshit came into fashion. Whether Occupy Wallstreet was legit or not. That's when this shit started to ramp up big time. It was aimed at young people. Kids still in high school, going into college. They are looking to rebel and are easily impressionable because they want acceptance and purpose for a cause. This is the result of that campaign. That generation of Americans has now entered the work force and the companies they work for are falling in line so as not to suffer the consequences.

          These are the same tactics used by the "bad guys" in history. Indoctrinate, divide, and destroy all of those labeled the enemy. Everyone who is not blatantly in support BLM/Antiga/SJW/Libtard.

          I am fairly apathetic on the matters. I just can't imagine feeling proud of my political views because Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon are on my side. I would be embarrassed and feel like I was doing something wrong.

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          God save us from the pajama boys and girls. Maybe they'll move to Chaz in Seattle? Good rant.

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          Good one. Saving.

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          I Bought a vive since Steam was behind them at the time.

          This shit only ends when conservatives decide to fight back with cancel culture. Until then, watch the left get more power as the right digs their heels in, hoping it blows over.

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          Don't become your enemy. What makes someone conservative today is we don't do cancel culture. Stand our ground. Support our own. Watch them cancel each other.

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          Yep, it's on purpose. Been having similar experiences.

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          A world where you can escape reality for a bit, and these twats have to rub this real world propaganda literally in our faces?

          Technically, they were rubbing it in your virtual face.

          Or maybe they are trying to give you a virtual blackface.

          Facebook promotes blackface.

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          Well, you could sell it. I'm sure some BLM adepts are eager to play this.