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It's stupid crap like this why I'm moving away from Reddit; shoehorning politics and social issues where they don't belong. I go to certain subs to discuss the subject matter of said sub, nothing more. /r/games is for talking about games, not to be lectured of political and social crap. I mean, what's the point of the voting system if you're not gonna let it do the work for you. If someone is being an asshat, let the people downvote and move on. Ban egregious offenders and delete them if it makes you happy. But don't grandstand like an pretentious prick on April Fools day.

There's a time and a place for everything and using a gaming sub as your political soapbox is not one of them. Discussion of racism, sexism, and other social issues IS important, but there's a multitude of other appropriate subs for that purpose.

EDIT: As a matter of fact, going along with my first paragraph about letting people downvote; if you look at their album of posts they removed a vast majority of them ARE downvoted or at the very least not upvoted. Just proof that their premise that "the notion that it’s okay or acceptable to ridicule and demonize traditionally disenfranchised and marginalized members in the gaming community" is prevalent. The very fact their OWN subscriber base downvotes said posts shows that their claim is NOT prevalent, at least on their sub.

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We remove those comments, we ban the perpetrators, but the issue still persists at a fundamental level: the notion that it’s okay or acceptable to ridicule and demonize traditionally disenfranchised and marginalized members in the gaming community.

I wonder if it ever occurs to anyone that removing and banning are forms of margarineization. What a crock of shit.

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WHAT A COUNTRY CROCK OF SHIT. Margarineization is not ok.

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Yeah, I did that on purpose. Couldn't help myself. XD

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Get "woke", go broke.

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Why is your name red?

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I'm the head admin for the site

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I know. I just wanted to see what you'd say. ;)

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Thing that gets me?

Alright so they want to make a message to the people they keep trying to ban

So they chose April Fools Day

The one day of the year where such people can laugh and find the whole thing a hilarious joke

So even on THAT level they failed

That entire thing has been a failure from the ground up and they don't see how or why, instead patting themselves on the back

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I still don't know if they were serious or making fun of social justice. If you want some initiative to be taken seriously don't do it in the 1st of April while mentioning it's the 1st of April

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I'm in the "secret" club for people with 100k+ karma. They admitted out right in there they were serious

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The /r/Games April Fool's meltdown was one of the most pathetic displays from a mod team I've seen yet, and given the general caliber of mods on reddit, that's quite the achievement.

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An epic example of virtue signalling that managed to divide their community way more than anything else they could have done. Impressively stupid.

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Wow what a hug box of softies...

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This article is also doing the rounds at Voat. One of the few times I've agreed with the Voat community on anything.

All that drama over an online community dedicated to gaming. What a load of shit. Why not just let all those users insult each other and otherwise talk shit? Where's the real harm in that?

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I do wonder if this person ever held a game controller.

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Lol, half of those comments (in the imgur album) weren't even people being assholes, and some were literally people calling the mods out on their bullshit. How pathetic.

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I'd say about 30% shouldn't have been deleted, and only really the first few were calling out the mods (but some of those were just calling out the mods… ??).

As a moderator of an online community, I sympathise with them. But I also think that those are not the decisions you want to showcase first. I'd only post them for transparency (and if I were actually thinking them to be not good decisions, I'd also undelete them).

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I think it was more than 30% that were not worthy of deletion. Honestly, the whole category of "promoting pedophilia" was pretty stupid. Some of them were clearly jokes, and some of them were just questioning the dogmatic opposition to fictional "underage" pornography. Also, questioning ideologies is not bigotry. Islam really does suck as an ideology, as does Christianity, but currently Islam is causing more problems.

Personally, I think science is on the side of transgender people actually being... y'know... transgender, but even a lot of that stuff was either just jokes or maybe a bit was honest questioning. Some of it was just needlessly mean, though.

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More than 30%, less than "most"… does "half" sound about right?

Also, if you're a mod: why delete stuff criticising you? That's just short-sighted. Either leave it up, and acknowledge that maybe that pattern means something, or leave it up and watch it be downvoted to oblivion.

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Exactly. I think half does sound right, and it's pretty stupid to remove something just because it criticizes you. It certainly looks bad, at the very least.

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Notice the obvious lack of social protections offered to non "traditionally marginalized" groups. And make no mistake, by saying traditionally marginalized, they mean everyone who isn't some combination of straight white male. But alas, straight white males who are not perpetrators of such social offenses are also victims of ongoing daily microagressions (and more) and should be included and protected along with everyone else. If you don't include that group, you're no better than those you claim to decry.

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I find that, when browsing around reddit, an appropriate soundtrack can really take the edge off.

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Nah, THIS one is FAR more thematic

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Whoever wrote that sure likes to list things in a single sentence.

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So the solution to this is to ban and silence people? I'm sure that will move things forward and make the community in the image they have. Well, maybe it will, by driving everyone who disagrees away so they're just left with an echo-chamber.

As for the criticism of trans people, Islam, etc. what if these criticisms have some substance to them? Are they saying that these things are above critique?