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Perfectly normal little girls being preyed upon by genderists for not enjoying pink/dollies/pretty as much as genderists believe they should.

It’s disgusting that anyone can look at a perfectly typical healthy child and decide she is some abomination who requires extreme medicalisation because she does not match their extremely narrow opinion of what girls should do.

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The popular perception seems to be that GC doesn't really like the concept in general and is okay with either gender mixing gendered qualities.

I don't believe in gender or gendered qualities. Society has placed different roles and stereotypes to people of both SEXES, with women always being second-class citizens.

And I think people should let kids be kids instead of obsessing over whether kids are behaving as 100% "girly" girls or 100% percent "boyish" boys, or not. And, definitelly, no child should be medically abused because she or he played with the "wrong" toy once.

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I'm GNC, but I would have been considered a hardcore tomboy as a child. The kind of girl who passed as a boy and who never "grew out of it" but rejects the idea that this makes me anything other than female.

My perception is that the TQ actively encourages and pressures GNC girls and women to disavow being female. GC, on the other hand, wants them to know that womanhood does not equal femininity.

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The popular perception seems to be that TQ doesn't want tomboys to exist, and that they should transition to FTM trans.

Wouldn't that be the GC perception of the QT perception of tomboys?

Sometimes QT can be too essentialist and sometimes it's confused.

But it I think QT are tolerant of the form and even the label, no?

The popular perception seems to be that GC doesn't really like the concept in general and is okay with either gender mixing gendered qualities.

My assumption would be in theory QC are against gendered labels. But I think a lot of gnc GC women would have an emotional attachment to the label. Which is fair enough. In a lot of the ways the label is only nominal. The phenomena is real. But I think it's real for essentialist reasons. But I am confused by the GC position on essentialism. Formal factional labels would be nice all round.

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I'm fine with tomboys. Being a tomboy doesn't automatically mean you are trans. Conversely, enjoying things stereotypically associated with your sex assigned at birth doesn't mean you aren't trans. The idea that we want to trans every tomboy is a popular GC perception, not a popular perception for the rest of us.