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My lived experience is as someone who people believe is a woman. How are you sure every woman who isn't trans has the same exact set of experiences? Or, if you acknowledge that no two people have the same experiences, which of those are "essential" to womanhood? I'm not making assumptions about what being a woman is, there a million right ways to be a woman because there are millions of women. I'm just a woman in my own way.

Reality does not bend

It does and it's actually really really cool. It's actually amazing to me that I could take hormones and stop myself from becoming a man, I wish it were more complete but it's way better than nothing. Before, my relationships always ended because I was extremely uncomfortable with my body and turned down anything physical, because I didn't see myself as deserving any love. Transitioning has slowly helped me change and realize that now, I might be okay to receive a little bit of love.

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Your discomfort with reality and your body are not part of any female experience.

No woman has ever based their womanhood on feeling like their maleness makes them subhuman.

No woman experiences distress over having a penis and testicles, no woman bases their womanhood on their ability to maintain relationships, or discomfort about their sex.

A woman does not typically define her womanhood on a belief that her sex is inherently lesser or on efforts to perform what she perceives a woman’s role to be in the world.

Womanhood is not simply being called mam by a till clerk.

The only essential thing to womanhood is being an adult human female. This is something that cannot be induced in a male. I’m sorry that that hurts you but again, I truly believe that you would understand this if you allowed yourself to question the narrative that “males don’t deserve love but I want to be loved”

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It's not a narrative it's the truth. I'm sorry but I can't go on like this. Thank you for not being too cruel

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No, it’s not objectively true that males deserve death and do not deserve love. My toddler nephews don’t deserve murder just because you hate yourself.

My grandfather was not an awful abusive man just because you refuse to assess your own prejudices. Frankly it’s disgusting to say any group deserves to be killed, and it’s disgusting to claim that whilst simultaneously telling us that we claim every TW ever is a rapist. Why do your feelings entitle you to say terrible things about an entire demographic but we are bigoted for noticing that come parts of a demographic commit crime?

Have you ever tried thinking about the feelings of others and not your own?