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I think the problem comes from different people having different expectations for what the LGBT umbrella exists for.

I think, in many ways, "transphobia" could be described as a branch of homophobia, in that transgenderism and homosexuality both are discouraged in environments where society has rigid expectations of the roles of men and women. If someone views the LGBT movement to be a fight against rigid gender mores, and says "there's nothing wrong with men doing things like wearing dresses or having sex with other men", I can see how they would see the basic shape of the trans fight fitting into the LGBT fight.

It's also very hard to find a trans person that isn't "queer" - I know it's a questionable word, but many trans people use it specifically because "queer" just means "weird", and most transpeople are just going to have complicated sexualities that are just... kinda weird compared to the average person. My sibling is trans, and has joked that they're so grateful to be bisexual, because it's a non-gendered term used for both men and women. We've talked about it a few times, and they've said it'd probably be better if there were words that just mean "attracted to men" or "attracted to women", and that probably a lot of trans people wouldn't look to the LGBT banner if they weren't by default being categorized as LGBT by the wider world.

Also pressing: most people who date trans people, even if they aren't trans themselves, tend to also be LGBT to one degree or another, as they are dating someone with non-standard sex-based traits. I know GC would consider a man who dates a transman to just be "straight", but many people do not, and if their partner passes, they're going to be treated like a gay couple, and suffer from all the issues a gay couple would in public. I'm sure many wouldn't feel like they belong, but if they're perceived as a gay couple, and treated like a gay couple, it's not illogical of them to gravitate to the largest group of people fighting for fair treatment of gay couples.

Now... is it "exclusionary" for LGB alliance to not include the T? Meh, I don't really think so. There are specialized interest groups for specific demographics, and they're literally calling themselves "LGB" not "LGBT" so it's not like they're making any pretense about who they stand for, and who they don't.

I do think it's unreasonable for an LGB person to want LGBT groups to stop supporting trans folk, just because they don't want to support trans folk, tho. Some people actually want to include trans folk in their advocacy, and they should be free to do so. I think assuming the worst about them for it, calling them "handmaidens" and assuming the only people who would advocate for the T are delusional, weak-minded followers who only do it for praise is pretty scummy and dehumanizing.