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I feel like I agree with what it is trying to address, but it doesn’t seem right for the state to go after parents who are probably meaning well and just listening to advice about how to best help their child. Some of them probably are genuinely bad people or living out something through their children, but not most. We should move to care standards that are more like what Sweden recently did, but this seems like overreach to me. It makes me wonder if my parents would have been targeted under this since I socially transitioned and received hormone treatment as a minor.

Trans activism seems largely to blame for laws like this to me though. Years ago, some younger trans people would quietly get treatment and live their lives, but TRAs choose to turn this into such a political issue I feel like. I know that conservatives are pushing it now, but I feel like it’s a reaction to how much this is being pushed rather than something that would have happened anyway. I feel like conditions were better for transsexuals during Bush rather whatever nonsense moment this is. I don’t know why TRAs felt like the world needed to change. It didn’t. We were fine. We didn’t need “cis”, the pronoun nonsense, males in women’s sports, trans toddlers, or all these creeps coming out as trans. This backlash is well-deserved unfortunately.