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This’ll be interesting lol

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Considering there's no qt posters to moderate for, I doubt I'll even get a chance to go crazy with power, but I'll try my best to make it interesting nonetheless.

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The qt are still on Reddit lol. They don’t need to come here because their spaces weren’t shut down. They come and go. The ones that were here usually come back eventually lol

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I didn’t think you’d go crazy with power lol, just that based on your comments so far, I think it’ll be interesting to have you as a mod. I’m not opposed to you at all, Im just intrigued.

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Lol, don't worry, I'm just being silly. If you guys get qt posters back, I'll be here.

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How do we get QT posters? I miss them. The sub is an echo chamber otherwise. We never had any lack of QT on Reddit, but it seems like so few of them are here. They're not even lurking, according to our demographics poll. There's got to be some way to recruit them to join.

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Someone brave (and likely qt or pretending to be qt lol) would have to post about this sub on relevant Reddit subs and phrase it in a way that doesn’t get the posts immediately removed.

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I feel like saying GCDebatesQT in any remotely trans space would get it removed. They were all so happy when we were banned. :(

We could still try though. Even if it only stays up a little while, someone might choose to come.

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Maybe don’t say the name unless someone dm’s asking to join?

Idk. It was just a half thought out idea

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Not even honesttransgender or the truscum/transmed spaces will nip or at least accept an invite?

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I don't know that you can, tbh. You can't expect random passersby like on reddit, since this site is pretty much a wasteland in terms of trans people lol. Id say the only way to bring any new ones in would be to pray. Maybe an old poster will come back and, maybe with a cleaned up act here and less ignoring of literally self-admitted rule-breaking, might invite a friend. Maybe someone can find somewhere an advert for this place that will reach that target audience without getting taken down instantly.

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Welcome, u/beris! I don't think I've seen your posts before, but it's nice to meet you.

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Thanks for modding.

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yeah you probably need to advertise in qt spaces for qt users really

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True, but they won't allow us to advertise this sub in their spaces. I mean, even the QT users who come here regard us as a fringe hate group.

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That's true. It would probably be deleted in qt spaces.

In regular spaces the invite is going to attract the far right. I don't think gc are the far right. I think there is a relationship with social conservatism though.