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You know, I see this a lot here and since I'm posting for a bit before we all admit this place is dead, I have to ask. Do you not know what hyperbole is? Does anyone here? Are you just reading 'axe-murderer' and ignoring the rest of the comment because you're seeing red or something?

Cause like, it's clear I'm saying that it's possible to be toxic without being "them" levels of toxic. It's clear that I'm being hyperbolic to laugh at the idea that because "actually, they're toxic" that you magically can't be any amount of toxic yourselves at all. Who knows, maybe I'm crazy.

And again, I'm not qt, I disagree with qt, so by your logic I've called myself as toxic as a billionaire, and that's just a mean thing to imply.

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You cannot always tell the tone of someone through text. Besides, TRA literally think we are hate group that is driving trans identified people to suicide and that we are driving the murders of trans identified people. Just disagreeing with them is enough to earn that acussation. TRA literally think refering to someone's sex is way worse than death and rape threaths.