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it's absurd you think we're toxic for refusing to entertain their ever-incressing demands, lies and threaths.

Or maybe just that you actively maintain a hostile environment. You give gc users a slap on the wrist when they repeatedly break rules, you actively perform mental gymnastics to say direct harassment and bad-mouthing isn't against any rules, and just generally don't have any standards whatsoever with regards to moderating your own side. If you don't believe me, go into the moderator log and count how many times you've "warned" a gc user vs actually temporarily banned them.

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Are you aware I'd no ban a single QT user yet? Most of the bans I did was over a single spammer who likes to pose as QT. The other 3 or 4 were all alt right users. A GC dude have a meltdown because I didn't banned a QT user for some shitty comments that said user have said months ago. So much for being biased.

I'd have enough with this nonsense about how I don't bother moderating the GC side. If QT have have any complaint in regards to the moderation, they should talk with u/Porcelain_Quetzal, who is the QT mod. It's u/Porcelain_Quetzal who neither bother to mod here nor quit and look for another person to mod in their place.

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Actually, I've a better idea. Given that you claim to be so fair to see the toxicity of both sides, why don't YOU become a mod too and fix the supposedly umbalanced moderation?