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I think it's a good idea, although it's already apparent that the mainstream media wants to twist it into something negative.

Not sure if I'm planning to come out to anyone, although I guess this would be a good day to find out where my gay guy friend stands on the issue.

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Eh, mixed feelings. it’s good for those that can’t say it without support, but I worry about the ramifications. A lot of tra is terminally online and are happy to dox and threaten or harass women. This potentially gives them a lot of women to target.

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True. I hope anyone who comes out on social media is mindful of that.

I almost wish I had social media so I could come out there, but all I've got is here, Ovarit, and Reddit, and I'm already out on these platforms.

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I’ve been very openly gc for ages now and fortunately there’s been no consequences, but I’m fearful for those who are socially entrenched in groups who support tra.

I’m sure that even with careful consideration, there will be women who are threatened over this at the very least. Social media is so linked to peoples real info and lives. All it takes is one pissed off co-worker or university friend.

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Definitely not. I can't talk to anyone in real life about this. Which is actually kind of eating me up inside. I've been trying to think of some way that I could talk to someone, even just one person, but I don't think that's in the books right now.

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It's interesting that someone laughed at this comment. I'm guessing it's because whoever you are, you enjoy the idea of someone you see as an enemy being in discomfort. But the reason I can't come out is because I am deeply embedded in leftist and "queer" community- I am an activist, I have friends who are trans, just about every woman I know makes people call her "they." I am literally friends with more than one gender studies professor at more than one university, like, go-on-vacation-together friends. You might consider the implications of this fact. This is an anonymous forum, after all- for all you know I could be one of your close friends, who signed up for your meal train after top surgery, or lived with you in that communal house a few years ago, or got arrested with you at that direct action, or babysits your kids. These are all real scenarios that I have been in in my real relationships with trans and non-binary people who I really love and care about, and align with politically on every topic except for one. And you wouldn't know, because if I was open about being gender critical I would be cast out of my community, and would no longer be able to do the work I do for unhoused people and immigrant communities and so forth. Just think about it. I could be anyone.

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What about wearing a gender critical symbol or posting something that is subtly GC on social media?

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No, I can't think of any way to signal to the right people without also signalling to the wrong people.

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Makes sense, especially if you have a very QT social circle.

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Hi Worried! Thanks for sharing! It seems like a neat idea.

The list of suggestions is helpful. I don’t know if I will come out to anyone. Not listing pronouns in my bio or email signature, against our company’s guidance, is the only public thing I do in support I guess, but I’ve expressed my issues with the trans movement to my partner and some of my family.

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Have you thought about coming out on social media?

I think I might actually come out to my guy friend. J.K. Rowling is in the news again this week, so it seems like a good time to talk about her.

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I’ve thought about making a twitter account to advocate for GC ideas, but I’m afraid to come out of my real-life social media. There is a TW and female non-binary person working at my company both of whom might say I was making them feel unsafe and try to get me fired. My company is also very pro-LGBTQ+ and so it might be seen as hurting the company’s image. 😣

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Damn, you know society is in a bad way when actual transsexuals are afraid to speak out for fear of getting cancelled.

I can understand, though. I wouldn't risk my job if I were in your position either.

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Good for GC! I sort of just speak in gender critical terms generally in my daily life, though I try to remain mindful of others' feelings and beliefs. But I don't really use the term 'gender critical' much, I feel like it's much more difficult to successfully communicate with labels than with explanations when the subject matter is possibly quite sensitive. It seems like the term gender critical has become emotionally charged for a LOT of people (though maybe that's just online?)

It seems scary for a lot of GC people (particularly women, and especially radfems) to have the beliefs you have, so actually living that way must be even scarier. I hope people feel empowered to come out GC, but in the safest of circumstances.

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I don't think I've ever used the term "gender critical" offline. Maybe I've mentioned it to my partner. My main issue is that it seems like these topics rarely come up in my daily life. My social circles are very un-woke, and so is my workplace. If I came out at work, I would only be stating what at least 90% of my coworkers also believe. I'm sure they believe it for religious or traditional reasons, not for feminist ones, but the end result is the same.

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I suppose 'gender critical' is just the default view from before the gender ideology and activism, it would maybe sound like just talking about what everyone else thinks but with some distinct/different lingo. Do you feel comfortable talking about your views whenever that stuff does come up (if at all)? I think not ever living or working in a terribly liberal/progressive place plays a huge part of what makes me not worry too much about talking about this stuff and voicing gender critical opinions for that reason too, though, like they already believe that albeit for more socially conservative reasons like you say.

Also... Happy (belated) GC Coming Out Day! 🥳🎉🎂 I celebrated with a cupcake lol