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In 2031, I believe that the backlash resulting from affirmation only policies will have effectively ended medical child transition. I think there will probably be some holdouts who socially transition their children, but it will be much harder to put children on puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones or perform surgeries on them. I pray that will be the case. I also believe that the wave of ROGD will end and we will go back to at least pre-2015 levels of female transitioners.

I'm not sure what will happen with the rest of the issues, but I do believe trying to integrate natal males into women's sports and women's prisons will have turned out to be an untenable position. I believe organizations may develop workarounds, such as all trans wings in female prisons, or trans sports leagues. The bathroom issue I believe is long lost. There is simply no way to effectively police that. I believe it will end up in trans activists' favor.

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The bathroom issue I believe is long lost. There is simply no way to effectively police that. I believe it will end up in trans activists' favor.

You can police this, though. Just say males are not allowed in the women's toilets. Most males who identify as trans don't "pass", specially not IRL, and many can't resist doing weird things there like taking selfies or masturbating. There is no reason not to take said males out of the bathrooms just because the possible existence of a very tiny minority of males who can fly under the radar.

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Right, but I mean we aren't going to have police or security guards stationed at bathrooms. I just think this particular issue is a lost cause. Even if the GC side ends up winning overall, we may lose this particular fight.

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There’s never been guards at the loos where I live but men manage to control themselves and don’t just run in there at every chance. The idea that it will need guards or inspections is a tra falsehood imo. They invented that scenario as though sexed segregation hasn’t worked when it has.

The real issue is not the door, it’s the men who decide that women do not deserve a door.

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There never were any police or security guards watching over who entered the women's toilets and yet most men knew to stay away from it. Everyone knew that any man trying to get into there was a pervert and was treated as such. If you found a man there you could get him kicked out. It was that simple. I'm saying the bathroom problem could be solved by resuming this now defunct social norm. The only reason why males who identify as trans could not be deal with in the same way is because nowadays there are lots and lots of people who would not dare to call the obvious man a man in his face (because his feelings are "way more important" than the safety and comfort of women and girls), let alone make him leave the women's bathrooms.

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One thing I expect in ten or so years is that a lot of young people will see much of trans culture and especially non-binary as embarrassing old people stuff. Like, oh my god, my mom makes people call her "they."

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Like, oh my god, my mom makes people call her "they."

I saw somewhere where someone said the fastest way to end the gender/identity fad is to be embarrassing to kids like this. Nothing that Mom and Dad like is cool, especially if it's supposed to be trendy 😂

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I think TRA rhetoric and everything they’re trying to push for is unsustainable and will come back to bite them in the ass. I think most of their allies will wake up and distance themselves- not even because they don’t accept the ideology, but most likely because tras turn on their allies too frequently and it’s impossible to keep up with what they demand from their allies.

I think children transitioning will cease, and I honestly think that most people that are QT and even most people claiming to be trans or non binary or whatever will end up laughing at themselves and how silly they’d been and it’ll be looked back on like people who were emo or goth but took it really seriously if that makes sense.

Men won’t be in prisons or sports teams etc with women (or boys with girls), but the ones who actually attempt to “transition” will probably be in female bathrooms and maybe even locker rooms.

I don’t think the whole “if you say the truth you’ll be canceled/fired/ostracized” thing will last because even people who don’t care about this stuff are getting sick of tras.

There is no reasonable compromise. Women shouldn’t have to compromise their rights or language for men or for women who wish they were men or for people who think they are both/neither. The compromise is calling them transwomen and transmen instead of just men and women.

I think “stealthing” will probably be fully recognized as a form of sexual assault

And I think the trans community is gonna end up a punchline in many forms of media, unfortunately

Dictionary definitions will prevail lol

Eta- I also honestly think a lot -like A LOT A LOT- of discussion about mental health is gonna take place and more people will acknowledge that this is one of the most clear examples of mental illness possible, and a lot of discussion about how poorly it was handled overall.

And a fuck ton of lawsuits. So many lawsuits. Especially from transed children who are now adults.

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Some months I may have said transgenderism will eventually phase out because it's unsustainable and people will get tired of trying to accomodate QT. However, now I think it wont go away. I've been closely the news on these issued for over a year and it seems for every step forward we get three steps back. QT have a lot of powerfull and very rich people backing their ideas. The only people that have the power to fight back against the trans lobby is other super rich people, who will use this fight to set their own agenda instead. And some of the wealthy people who oppose transgenderism may switch sides once they realize it's not some feminist, gay or communist thing they think it is.

Do you believe there's any chance we might have come to some sort of reasonable compromise?

There can't be comprimise because QT won't accept nothing but total capitulation and they keep dismissing how pro-QT policies may affect anyone else. Morever most of the comprimises are traps because they are positions that transactivists have used as stepping stones to reach today's world. For example, before self-ID, transactivists lobbied so trans identified people who had undergone genital surgeries could legally "change" sex. However, years later transactivists started saying this was forced sterelization and inhumane, and that one should be able to legally "change" sex without any medical intervention.

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I just really hope people get bored with it or the culture moves on. People are super interested in it and I wish they weren’t. I feel like the current moment is bizarre in how many people are identifying as trans. It’s like 100x more than 20 years ago, and I don’t even think that’s an exaggeration. Maybe GC views will gain more acceptance and they’ll be a stronger force to push back against it. That would better to me, but I’d rather everyone just stop caring and we went back to sanity. Transition shouldn’t be paid for by insurance and it’s no one’s job to validate anyone’s identity. Passing trans people in opposite sex spaces can’t be avoided, but we should do something about prisons and sports.

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I am Gender Critical.

What Debate? I’ve seen a No Debate Gender Identity Ideology movement.

I am, also, considering the global political machinations and media and institutional captures.

How about some pessimism. Addressing your “gender debate” question specifically.

I think (those formerly known as) women and children will be sex-on-demand units for males.

I think medical experimentation on the traumatized, mentally unwell, young, or genetically XX will expand. Money talks, compassion will walk, orders will be followed, opportunities taken.

I see the Gender Identity Ideology movement as a men’s sexual rights movement. By men, for men, but ultimately for the rich and powerful men. It’s a grift; Trans identified people are just as much pawns in this scam as anyone else. It’s Big Dick energy and $$$$$.

By 2031, either you’re potentially useful in some way, or you’re… , um, in the way. Men’s sexuality unbridled may lead to the end of Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

I sincerely wish I am wrong.

This is why I have a hardline stance on language, public access, and against the public acceptance, or legislation, of the Ideology.

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I hope it’s treated the same way my goth friends are treated by their kids.

Mum please please please don’t wear black lipstick and the bat coat to parent teacher interviews. Mum please please please don’t tell my new teacher to call you xir or wear the knitted penis under leggings it’s so embarrassing.

There will be the same few transsexual people just being people but the peoples temple of gender will have lost its sheen and no longer be as popular.

Ideally, the children who have been abused and used as experimental fodder for puberty blockers and exogenous cross sex hormones or even further more invasive treatments will utterly destroy the institutions like Tavistock and mermaids. Transgender healthcare will be done by better psychiatrists who are not extremely biased towards genderist crap and do not tell nine year olds they will probably kill themselves without lupron.

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Hopefully by 2031, most people will be embarrassed about this debate, or may be upset with everyone who played/plays a role in this gender/identity debate. Once the novelty wears off and it isn't seen as cool to be trans anymore, everyone will pack up and store their gender memorabilia between the Beanie Babies and Furbies in the attic, and of course add it to their scrapbooks.

I think most people are already starting to tilt back to gender critical beliefs like they were before, and that will just continue. QT may be able to adjust and evolve with ease, and hopefully it evolves to incorporate GC beliefs. If everyone starts peaking, then I think QT will have no choice but to incorporate at least some GC beliefs and call them part of QT all along. I sort of wonder if that's the most realistic compromise to be made... it has to not be called a compromise, and it can't look like a compromise, so everyone saves face. QT will need to do more damage control since there aren't ways to prove most of those beliefs, so the science and biologic reality of GC will help support that. And GC has the facts and evidence, but not the clout or pizazz of QT, so it will have to be able to somehow make itself look like QT. QT really seems to emphasize just how unique and special each person is, and extrapolating from that GC will say more blanket policies on gender should be done away with because each one of us is unique and special and things like prisons and sports will evaluate people on a case-by-case basis. Maybe.

Sports: I kind of wonder if there will start being trans leagues in sports by then, or starting to have them, and it will just be such a faux pas for a male to compete with and against females in female-only sports. This seems to be happening right now, at least it seems to me. Maybe not, I probably don't read enough news. On top of the shaming, I think males might still be playing in female-only sports, but they'll be more determined case-by-case without the broad policies.

Prisons: I sort of wonder if prisons will do away with broad policies and determine prisoner placement on a case-by-case basis. Males might still be in female prisons, but much less of them, and maybe they'll be in their own wing or something if that isn't done already.

Locker Rooms: I'm not really sure about this. Maybe people (particularly males) will have to jump through a lot of hoops to be granted some sort of pass to access a locker room for the opposite sex. Like it would have to take some kind of waiting period or something maybe kind of like how access to transition-related services and procedures used to be much more difficult.

Child Transition: I think as more people are becoming aware of exactly what child transition entails and its ramifications, there is slowly becoming more scrutiny over this. There will be more protests outside of gender clinics or anywhere that will transition kids. The public criticism and the fallout of all of these kids who transitioned during this period and have grown up will limit access to medical treatment, if not completely ban it (at least for a period of time). Again, I think this will be done on more of a case-by-case basis with more scrutiny of the individual and how they experience their gender-sex issues.

But of course I really don't know at all. I haven't watched this all unfold over an extended period of time, so I am probably wayyyy way off. But it seems like the general public's romanticized image of trans people and transitioning is faltering, and people will come to understand that this isn't just one thing, there isn't just one type of trans person. I hope more research has been conducted by that time, there seems to be a growing interest in it even from when I first posted in this sub asking about it--it's really encouraging, honestly.