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Thanks everyone! I had a similar situation to another person on plebbit, but considering it's on r/asklgbt, they wanted to say "well pansexual but penisphobic" or something weird like "gynephile". I figured I was a homosexual, but you know how people are these days. I also think you need GID (Gender Identity Disorder) for one to be transsexual, and wow that would not only make me a transphobic TERF, it would also make me like truscum! Ironically, terves and truscum aren't allies.

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Wow. It's bizarre how convoluted and varying those answers are compared to the simple, direct ones here that are all the same answer (from the GC side anyways--I would agree, too)

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Yeah. I liked how the simple and correct answers was the people that seemed GC, but as well as they didn't remove those answers.

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hmmmm ... Maybe next you'll tell us to question Ptolemaic Epicycles or to doubt the tried and true method of determining if someone is a witch: