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That show is on my list! Dead to Me is fantastic. I really think you’d love it. It has very quick and clever dialogue.

That video is incredible.

Im gonna listen to those songs when I get a second but the video… I didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t expect that at all lol

Eta- didn’t realize you’d linked Give a Little Bit! That’s a frequently played song of my husband’s lol. He says you have excellent taste

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Ooo OK that's my next show for sure, I love me a smart, witty show!

Isn't it? Amy Sedaris's humor SLAYS (as does her brother's), but more than anything I hope that video inspires you to be extra vigilant the next time you go to pick up crêpe/creepy paper. And of course on the lookout for snakes.

That put a big smile on my face! 😊 Idk why but that song is just so endearing, it makes me want to give everyone a big hug! Tell your husband I'm very flattered, he must have excellent taste too then!