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Yesssss Sloane!! Levity FTW💙

Speaking of bored, all I'm reading lately are federal and state hemp regulations for work. Solidarity! 😂 I really can't remember the last time I read a novel...

Re-watching What We Do in the Shadows the series, highly recommend to anyone who needs ridiculous humor in their life. I'll have to check out Dead To Me, it looks rather good. Of course, always watching short, dumb YouTube videos, as needed for longevity.

I'm obsessed with the new ABBA song Don't Shut Me Down, plus Give A Little Bit by Supertramp and Xanadu by ONJ & ELO since I keep seeing a street by that name lol

That sounds like a particularly positive new thing! 😊 I have a lot right now, but overall being in a big city away from where I grew up has been amazing, loving my new life

I don't know any jokes, because, as everyone well knows, I am a deeply serious person--instead I will share a very important safety video for anyone entering the dangerous world of crafting

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  1. The ABBA song! How is it new but so nostalgic at the same time! It’s like a time machine.

  2. HOW VERY DARE YOU GET XANADU STUCK IN MY HEAD! It will never leave. We have movie nights once a week and it’s my turn to pick… I’m absolutely making my husband watch this with me.

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  1. Right??? They've totally still got their magic! It takes me back to middle school playing my ABBA Gold CD to death, I will never not love ABBA
  2. Xanadu is LIFE!!! 😍 I'm so sorry, Sloane, but also, you're welcome. I hope the movie gets you and your husband groovin' in your seats! 😁 I mean I can't help but dance around like a drunk toddler whenever it's on

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That show is on my list! Dead to Me is fantastic. I really think you’d love it. It has very quick and clever dialogue.

That video is incredible.

Im gonna listen to those songs when I get a second but the video… I didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t expect that at all lol

Eta- didn’t realize you’d linked Give a Little Bit! That’s a frequently played song of my husband’s lol. He says you have excellent taste

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Ooo OK that's my next show for sure, I love me a smart, witty show!

Isn't it? Amy Sedaris's humor SLAYS (as does her brother's), but more than anything I hope that video inspires you to be extra vigilant the next time you go to pick up crêpe/creepy paper. And of course on the lookout for snakes.

That put a big smile on my face! 😊 Idk why but that song is just so endearing, it makes me want to give everyone a big hug! Tell your husband I'm very flattered, he must have excellent taste too then!

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Omfg the crafting safety video busted me up!