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So happy we made it! I’m especially happy that Reddit didn’t succeed in ending the conversation this sub represents. <3 you all!

Also, big thanks u/gritix for starting this sub and u/worried19 for inviting so many of the former users including me!

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I'm glad so many people came over. Some declined, but a lot of posters followed us here. We may be smaller, but we're still active. Reddit wasn't able to silence us.

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Hope y’all are doing good!

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Aww! Happy anniversary everyone.

I love our little sub in the oddest but most sincere way lol

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happy bday! 🎉🥂

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I just wanted to check over here and saw this! Happy birthday new GC debate sub, and I am glad it still exists!

I am pretty good;excited that I am going to be able to go back to school on campus! And yourself?

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Yay! 🥳 Happy one year and congrats to you all for staying strong!

Just woke up in the middle of the night from a nap, so obviously it's going well here lol. A bit weird in life lately, but otherwise good! How are you?

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I'm pretty good. I feel like I spent the last year under a weird pandemic fog, and I'm finally feeling back to normal. Or at least somewhat back to normal.

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YES that pandemic fog! It's really felt like the strangest dream from which we've just awoke. That's really great to hear that things are finally starting to go back to normal for you! Bring on regular life!!

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Ha, we didn't know how good we had it until it was taken away. Makes you appreciate the mundane things in life more.

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Seriously. Getting excited about banality really says a lot about what we've all been going through. Maybe things will never go back to exactly as they were, but it seems like it's getting a little bit easier to put the pandemic in the back of the mind (easier yet still here in Cowboy Land). I want to go driving around the mountains again! Is there anything you're dying to do in particular?

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Might be nice to take a road trip somewhere. I also want to spend more time at my family's vacation cabin. And just get back to socializing with friends in bars and restaurants. I've done some of that. I guess it's not totally back to normal since I still feel a little anxious in close quarters indoors. And the vaccination rate isn't great where I am, but luckily my friends and family members are in the group that's gotten vaccinated. Even my conservative grandparents lined right up. My workplace is a different story.

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Meeting up with a friend for brunch or getting drinks is much missed, I can barely remember the last time I really did that, it sounds so nice. Most people aren't wearing masks anymore here (a lot didn't to begin with) so I'm with you about the close quarters. That's good your friends and family have gotten vaccinated, most of my closest have too, thankfully. The rate is rather poor here as well. Hopefully things improve at your workplace soon, though

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My workplace is kind of hybrid situation. It was announced that vaccinated people don't have to wear masks, but it's on the honor system. I've already heard people joke that they "identify as vaccinated." So who knows if they actually are.

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Ugh, that's enough to make anyone batty. I've really hated that honor system thing, at least at my last job. The owner decided that any building with skylights is considered the outdoors, I was like the only person out of 30 who wore a mask 😭 To 'identify as vaccinated' is hilariously stupid lol