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I don't know why you took my 'involving sexual assault' comment out of context. I presume it was an accident? I doubt you'd be deliberately disingenuous. I stated that any system, which could figure out if someone has been raped, or even more specifically, raped by a certain individual under legal suspicion, that doesn't involve sexual assault, would be a good invention. Obviously, all rape involves sexual assault. I don't really know how you misread my written sentiment, but whatever. You, also, appear to have misunderstood my first statement. I never claimed that rape doesn't create physical injuries for the victim, or that there aren't material scars which have manifested onto the bodies of the victims of sexual violence. Women and men can, and do, have injured genitalia from being raped. Now, the thing is, this is what I was saying, a person can have all these injuries, can have sustained them, from non-sexual activities. Anyone can be injured in an identical way, so there's no method of discovering they've been raped, or have had sexual intercourse. Again, there are zero genetic differences between virgins and non-virgins. Whether one has had sex or not, it cannot be biologically recognised. No technology can scan for this, nor can it be visually determined.

'I simply said that over the course history..." You appear to have cut yourself off here. I believe you were attempting to say something more? Well, anyway, since someone doesn't need to have sex in order to get pregnant, there is no physical evidence which can be pointed to, to show if someone has experienced sexual intercourse, or who has endured any level of sexual touching.

"Pregnant simply occurs when a vagina arrives into contact with sperm," LOL, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about." Yet... you said, "In an era of IUI, IVF & turkey baster babies, who on earth would make such a silly claim?" What? I'm not really sure what you were trying to say here.