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You didn't answer my second question. What do you mean by genetic?

ETA - your sources don't exactly prove that depression is genetic. The first source doesn't give any proof and is imo wrong. It just talks about possible genetic links for depression and how inheritance works. Depression is much more correlated with negative experiences than any particular gene. The other paper is from 2011, the massive study showing that depression is much more related to negative experiences than genetics is much more recent that that. Look, I have depression and follow the news about it. YOu can't just say that depression is genetic and throw out a few sources because let me tell you, people have been trying to find a genetic link for depression for literally decades and have been unable to find it. If what you were saying was true and it was that robust you'd literally be getting a NObel prize or something.

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The link between inheritance and depression is imo not proved.

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'Researchers have found no evidence that the gene alters the impact stress has on depression.'

This is referring to one (as in, a singular) gene people, researchers and scientists, thought was the cause of stress and/or depression. Dispelling that myth, it's not attempting to say that depression doesn't have heredity-orientated roots. It's not saying what you're claiming.