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What are you talking about?! Virgnity tests are bullshit, but they never were about genetics. Genetic is not a synonimous of biological.

You don't need sex in order to get pregnant. Pregnant simply occurs when a vagina arrives into contact with sperm. Someone could just masturbate onto a leaf, and then hand that leaf to a female individual, for her to pour the sperm into her vaginal opening. It doesn't require PIV, just masturbation. And, even then, not always masturbation, as people can cum as a result of experiencing wet dreams. So, it doesn't even require anyone to touch themselves.


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What are you talking about? A tear to one's hymen is a genetic occurrence. People who claim virginity tests work claim that there's genetic differences between virgins and non-virgins.

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No, tearing a hymen does not change the DNA and I'm not aware that people who believe in virginity tests think it does. Genetic refers to gen and a gen is the basic unit of hereditary information. Mutations, i.e. permanent changes in the DNA, may happen because of errors during DNA replication or cell division, radiation, certain chemical sustances or virus.

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We're arguing with someone who doesn't know shit about biology or genetics again, lol.

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'I'm not aware that people who believe in virginity tests think it does.'

That, right there, is your fault, not mine whatsoever. People who believe in the supposed validity of virginity tests literally believe this, though.

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If they really believe this as you say, then provide proof. Really, though, I think what is happening is that you're misunderstanding what they say because you don't know how genetics works.

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What? What's wrong with that statement? I just accurately described how pregnancy can, and does, occur without sexual intercourse, or any sexual touching.

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You are replying to this part of my comment just now?!

I get that as a gay man you don't like the idea of having sexual intercourse with a woman, but really... heterosexual people do exist without need of social coercion. How do you think humans could have naturally evolved to reproduce through this convoluted and little intuitive method that you described? Not to mention little effective, too. Do you know that eggs are not hanging around in the vagina?