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'We have evidence from at least the late 19th and early 20th century of people who wanted to medically transition.'

1: Citation needed (such as names, at least. I can research them from there on). 2: The existence (which hasn't been proven) of trans-identified people doesn't mean the existence of gender dysphoria. There wasn't a gender dysphoria diagnosis until, to my knowledge, 2011.

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Note, I'm only counting people who sought medical transition. Lili Elbe, Dora "Dörchen" Richter, Alan Hart, look up the work of Magnus Hirschfeld and his institute in Germany.

The term "gender dysphoria" might not have been coined until later, but these people suffered clear distress over their natal sex.

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Yes, I know about such people. But, they didn't have gender dysphoria (and nobody can have it anyway, but there wasn't even the claim that they did). And, also, that the transgender phenomenon wasn't a real, properly understood, prevalent thing until the 1970s. Trans-identified people though they were all alone.