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I assure you it does.

Aside from being observed only extremely recently in human history, with zero cases ever found prior to the transgender movement, beginning in the 1970s

The first SRS like procedure was preformed in the 1930’s and likely would have been popularized earlier than it was if the Nazis hadn’t destroyed Hirschfeld’s work. Gender variant individuals such as the Hijra have recorded history of literally thousands of years.

In other words, dysphoria is not medical, but made up.

Even discounting potential hormonal explainations or external causes, you are essentially arguing all mental issues don’t exist here you realize?

depression … exists purely as a genetic phenomenon.

No. It isn’t purely genetic. Just, wow. Depression doesn’t required a brain scan and can be caused or ameliorated by a variety of factors.

Gender dysphoria has never, by anyone, let alone medical professionals, been claimed to be materially examined.

You mean other than things like the brain scan studies or are you just ignoring those?

Gender ideology itself, alone, is responsible for the intense misery and misfortunate of all these children and adults.

Gender ideology didn’t make me incapable of showering with the lights on before surgery. You are entirely of base.

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I was referring to gender dysphoria, and not claiming that no trans-identified individuals existed before 1970. Yes, I'm well aware of the German institute, and of Hirschfeld.

Would you like to explain what the Hijra? I mean, if you so certainly, definitely, absolutely understand them, what their 'gender identity' means, please, explain what it is, and what a 'third gender' is. If you can't explain it, you can't use it to advocate anything.

All mental illnesses are medical, or else what's being referred to is not a mental illness.

You don't need a brain scan to recognise that someone has depression, but we absolutely needed brain scans in order to determine that depression was a valid, scientific phenomenon, and not made up, so we could separate it from 'long lasting sadness.' People often, correctly, state: 'Sadness is a feeling. Depression is a mental illness.' The two are separate because one is genetic, while the other, largely, isn't.

I don't really understand your last comment. You might want to rephrase it.

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Gender dysphoria is what makes someone trans. The idea that it didn’t exist until 1970 is absolutely ludicrous.

The Hijra don’t feel comfortable living as men, so they shed the male label and live separately in a way that better works for them, more mirroring women . It’s not like they had exogenous hormones available in 2000 BC so they couldn’t change physically like we do now originally though now many do. That seems at minimum a cleat analogue.

I can only assume you are trolling at this point.

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The Hijra referred to, and refers to today in South Asia, to men who don't fit the stereotypical roles associated with their sex. But, in truth, they were still considered men, because the people of India did, and do, recognise biological sex, which they recognise is what makes someone female or male.

It wasn't until the 1970s that trans-identification began to any even microscopically noticeable degree.

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You are just factually wrong on both these facts. I won’t be responding anymore because you are either trolling or so like ignorant that meaningful discussion is impossible.

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Still no argument from you...