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This is a really interesting take lol

I think there was a post somewhere a while back where someone (I think Masks?) linked an article to argue that trans people’s brains are more in line with the gender they “identify” as, but someone explained that it was actually showing the differences between a dysphoric brain and one with out dysphoria. So I’m wondering if we can actually “see” dysphoria in a brain scan, does that lend credence to it existing?

I could be misremembering the post though

Or misunderstanding what you’re saying here lol

I think dysphoria is “real” in that it’s a mental condition that exists. But I tend to think it’s most often something developed in life rather than something someone is born with. Idk

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I mean, if someone sends me the study, I can look at it.

However, even though I can't confirm this as a fact right now (due to not looking at the study), I presume what it's saying, and it's projecting hard, that what one identifies as dysphoria causes one's brain to look different temporarily, but it's, in fact, not dysphoria, and just correlates with those who say they have gender dysphoria.

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There have been a few brain scans indicating commonalities among trans women’s brains and differences from male typical brains. There’s been nothing conclusive but I posited that it could be a structural basis for gender dysphoria.