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I am very worried about the consequences for teenage girls. Boys are watching violent porn from and attacking teenage girls at disturbingly young ages. Single sex spaces are a refuge when teenage girls really start getting the full brunt of male sexual terrorism and violence, now there is no refuge for them. I wonder how many of them must be harassed, assaulted and raped before the democrat party wakes the hell up. The scholarships and opportunities lost by young female athletes will also be a tragedy.

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I just feel disheartened. It's like one step forward, two steps back, especially in the USA. I don't understand how this squares with freedom of religion, since there are religions where girls are not allowed to touch males or undress in front of males. I don't understand how politicians can throw high school girls under the bus and remove all chances of them winning competitions because they were not born male. There is no way they can compete against natal males with unaltered bodies who have gone through male puberty. Does Joe Biden care? Do the Democrats care? Of course not. They smear these girls as haters and bigots. It's depressing.

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What's the difference between being male & being "born male"? What's the difference between male & "natal male"?

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No difference, it's just that I've gotten used to using "natal male" on this sub. Also, I don't support child transition, so while I'm happy to call adults "trans women," I don't feel the same about "trans girls."

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I think those terms proliferate the idea that sex is mutable. I think this is a harmful idea for both sides. For instance, if someone is considering medical transition they shouldn't be under the impression that the changes they undergo will be tantamount to a change in sex, otherwise they're bound to be disappointed with the results, to some degree at least.

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It's out of date now, but "transsexual" makes more sense to me than other terms, along with referring to "biological sex" or "birth sex" for clarification purposes. Trans people are not helped by those claiming that a literal transformation of sex is taking place.

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I don't know much about law but would this extend to sport? I just briefly looked thru the page, and it says protection of gender identity falls under protection of sex. I'm thinking sports is one place where sex discrimination is allowed. Girls teams are allowed to say boys aren't allowed in their sport on the basis of sex. So if protection of gender identity falls under protection of sex, wouldn't girls teams be allowed to turn down transwomen as well?

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Thanks for the link. I didn't even realize dorms and showers were opened to self-id. Really hope there hasn't been any incidents.

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Well, if there are, the mainstream media will make sure we never hear about them.

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Yes, it extends to sports. Biden has been championing allowing natal males into girls' sports at all levels, including high school and college, regardless of whether they have made any medical changes to their bodies.

Some relevant links:

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Ahh, I see. Well, if I'm being optimistic maybe this will the the final straw for people. I mean, people have to realize there's something wrong when they see a completely untransitioned male person competing in sports with women. You gotta be insane to think otherwise.

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You would think, but the mainstream media is trying their hardest to gaslight people into believing it's no big deal.

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I think this is shaping up for a guaranteed legal challenge via the First Amendment's religious clauses ("Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . .) and a strong and continuing pushback at the state level. Since the feds seem to be opting for forcing the issue rather than dialog and mediation, there will be resistance. They could have done better.

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I hold out hope for the Supreme Court.

It's not just the conservatives on the court. The justices are very strong on freedom of religion, both right and left. Unanimous decision just yesterday upholding religious rights over LGBT rights:

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I guess the bigots don’t get to compete then

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No comment.

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Not true. Due to the numbers involves cis women usually beat trans women.

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Poor innocent souls, they should have their space away from those horrible "cis" women.

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Just the bigots

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No no, all of them. All women flaunt their "cis" womanhood in one way or another, can you imagine how triggering it would be for the poor stunning trans ladies? "Cis" women need to stay away from them, and trans ladies definitely deserve spaces only for them when they cannot be disturbed, inconvenienced or attacked.

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can you imagine how triggering it would be for the poor stunning trans ladies?

How dare you call them “stunning” but leave out “brave”! Transphobe…

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My most sincerest apologies! What is an appropriate public shaming for such a crime by omission?

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You’re canceled.

Sorry, I don’t want to do it but it’s just the way it goes.

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Well, I guess it' s only fair and reasonable. If this is how society works, then I can only accept the punishment and vanish into thin air so that I can make the World a better place!

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I'm going to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. This seems like a really awful idea, albeit born from good intentions (we hope). In the past I probably would have thought it was a wonderful display of inclusivity and true equality, but now I cringe. These poor girls don't deserve this. On one hand, it blows my mind that anyone could feel so entitled and bully others like this, but on the other it's not surprising seeing men use force and make a big stink to get what they want, especially if it means they can access female spaces and bodies.

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The frustrating thing is that it doesn't have to be this way. It doesn't have to be one side against the other. In a better world, people would be able to talk about these issues and agree on compromises. It really upsets me that there is no moderation, no compromise, no debate, no discussion.

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I totally agree. There are a lot of compromises that would make trans identified people's lives a lot easier without impinging on women's rights, but they're refusing to take the middle ground. I'd be on their side if they weren't determined to step on women.

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Yeah, that's how they lost my support. They're pushing away people who would otherwise be on their side. And for what? I don't think this is a winning strategy, not at all.

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That's where my thinking is. I've been tracking how this drama has helped erode LGB support. Hostility flares up, spitefulness gets entrenched on both sides, and tolerance goes down. Nobody wins.

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I'm sure watching this all devolve has been like watching a particularly sad car crash.

My gay childhood boy friends were very supportive of me when I transitioned; my former bosses were a lesbian couple who knew me from before and are the sweetest, caring, most protective people; and my BFF (who knows my history) is bi and she's like a sister to me, so I didn't realize that those community relations soured overall until really exploring online at the beginning of this year.

There are so many people in my life who are LGB, and those closest have always been nothing but supportive of me and of trans people in general. The thought of someone trying to shame or bully a loved one into sleeping with them is angering, trans or not. And to see these people who have always been supportive suddenly be referred to as hateful and transphobic for not wanting to sleep with trans people is so beyond irritating. It's hard to be upset with anyone who is totally put off by trans people because of things like that.

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This is one of those things where I feel bad that now I look at the trans community with suspicion. Of course there are still plenty of moderate trans people who are just living their lives normally doing the best they can. But then there are also these activists, who all seem extremely unpleasant. I've never seen or heard of a friendly TRA. Honestly, I don't get how we got from 2015 to 2021. Things changed so dramatically in such a short span of time. I guess I peaked in early 2017. It was impossible not to notice how much crazier everything was getting.

I'm glad you have friendly and supportive people in your own life. It's my hope that people understand that the trans community is made up of individuals with varying beliefs. I appreciate that there are trans people in the public eye speaking out. Even if they get cancelled or attacked, they're still trying. Much respect to Buck Angel and Scott Newgent and others who are trying their best. And to you, too. I think your YouTube channel is helpful. Every little bit helps to show that trans people are not a monolith.

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It's an unholy mess, and I think the damage is going to affect everyone to some degree, GD patients and conscientious trans people included -- because of ideological extremists and the controls they were blithely handed (social media).

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Seriously. I'm a moderate. I've always been a moderate. I would love to be able to find compromises. But trans rights activists are so extreme, they label even people who are friendly and eager to seek compromises as the enemy. They're turning people who used to be allies against them. It really sucks. Apparently I'm evil because I don't think children should transition and biological males don't belong in women's sports or prisons.

This was common sense only a few years ago, but TRAs just keep pushing and pushing and pushing. Eventually they're going to push too far, and the whole community is going to face backlash, including the moderate trans people who had nothing to do with this activism. And don't forget lesbians, gays, and bisexuals, who also got dragged along without any input from them.

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Somehow, somewhere, activists began to think that progressivism can do no wrong. Naïveté? Shelteredness? Ignorance of history?

And here we are.

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It really doesn't! There was a time when it wasn't, so it seems hopeful that that's something we can go back to, or maybe a better version of that.

I was going to ask you something here, but instead I'm going to ask it in a post--thanks for the inspiration!

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I look forward to your post!

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It’s disappointing, but not surprising. The same guidance existed under the Obama administration and when Trump reversed it, I’m not sure if much really changed. I don’t think it make a big difference now, but I do worry about the future. Some amount of trans young people have used bathrooms for many years without much coming of it, but it was really small group of people and it was kept very quiet. I really don’t like how all this is being politicized because laws in either direction won’t fix it. States are trying to pass laws to ban it, but many involve invasive genitals checks and will probably never become an actual practice, but the people doing it think it is popular politically. States and cities that were already allowing it will still be allowing it and those that weren’t probably hardly have any trans students anyway. I do want girls who are negatively impacted to sue though so maybe the courts can clarify Title IX to be only about sex.

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Fantastic. Its a win for fairness and equality

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The administration can not change definitions written into the law by congress. That said, they very often try to change definitions found in law and judges at trial let them get away with it, because power colludes with power. The equality act will allow judges to pretend congress' intent with title nine was to allow men to claim womanhood for their own all along.