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Yeah, I joined and I like the look of the site but you're right I don't think they want TRAs/non-GC on there as they are understandably worried about hackers and other troublemakers.

A lot of my will to debate with them actual QT kind of died with the way they treated us on Reddit to be honest. I still get into it with TRAs on Twitter or Youtube sometimes but I don't find the dynamics here too bad where it is just a discussion group really. TRAs 99% of the time operate in bad faith and dealing with them gets exhausting and I don't know if we'll ever get back the lurker audience we had on Reddit that makes it sort of worthwhile to debunk their crap.

A few more moderate trans people for this group would be nice.

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Agreed. Unfortunately I don't have any friends to invite but being more than one would be neat.

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I hope you do not take my comment personally. I'm not sure who you were on the old sub or if we interacted but from what I've seen here you're very reasonable and not at all the type of person I am frustrated with. I realize it must be lonely for you and PeakingattheMoment with the way the group is now. I admire you for sticking around here.

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Don't worry. I was just joking around a bit ;) and I'm pretty sure we interacted, because I knew pretty much all the regulars.

Its not to bad, but I miss a few people that didn't come with us. Mostly snarky tbh.

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Yeah...I'm also missing a lot of ppl from the old sub and I agree about Snarky. I hope they know where we are and maybe decide to come over here at some point. I always enjoyed conversing with them even if we sometimes disagreed quite strongly

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I invited Snarky and everyone else I had friended on Reddit. Maybe some of them will come over eventually.

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Cool. I hope so. I was talking to SqueakyBall recently on Twitter and she was confused about how Saidit works but seemed interested in joining the sub when I explained it to her. I hope she does as she is the person I miss most from the old sub. I also ran into DivingIntoWork on the main GC sub so she is around.

Let's hope people gradually trickle back.

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I think I invited Squeaky, too. Hope she shows up.

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I haven’t checked it out & I’m not applying to just yet... or maybe ever. I’m expecting GC folks want space from trans folks.

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Makes sense. Maybe eventually it will be big enough to host an active debate sub. I wouldn't mind joining that, as long as it's not an echo chamber.

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I joined it but I'm pretty worried about attrition rates tbh. The reddit -> saidit migration already lost a lot of posters, and now there's a second migration from an already smaller subset of posters.

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Especially with it being invite-only.

I registered last night, but when I tried to visit again just now, all I get is "internal server error." I'm wondering if they were attacked.

Edit: They seem to be back up now.

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I checked out their rules and guidelines and I was surprised that they seemed kinda fair for what they were trying to accomplish. Enforcement is another thing, since they are the same mods as r/GC I'm afraid it will devolve into the same toxic echo chamber and the mods have a history of letting things slide their new rules explicitly forbid. But maybe I'm wrong. I'm not desperate enough for entertainment right now to find see how it develops thou.

I mean I could apply, but why would I? Old r/GC was one of the most toxic places someone like me could visit and I doubt they will create a discussion circle als gcdebatesqt.

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I'm getting kind of comfortable here on Saidit, so I probably won't use Ovarit as much unless they create an active debate space.

I like the idea of having various circles. They have one for women and another for antikink, so those seem like they have promise. I never posted on the main GC Reddit, mostly because they were too extreme for me at times. But after the ban, I figured I might as well throw my hat into the ring when it comes to these various communities. Moderates should share their perspectives, too.

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Love the name! Infinitely better than the ones I thought of.

How is the interface different than this site? It looks really similar but with a larger font?

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It's pretty similar. My only complaint so far is that the circles seem kind of dead, except for the main GC one. I was hoping for an active replacement for Reddit's AskWomen, which I quit after the ban.