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No and if someone advocated violence on saidit like that we'd ban them

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Thank you. I'm glad to hear that.

Also, welcome to our little community!

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It's all male violence and projection. They assume we want to do with them what they want to do to us (giving them perhaps too much credit that they actually believe we want to do violence to them and are not just knowingly lying.)

Reddit will not do anything to them because threatening women based on sex is fine according to them. Say the same thing about TRAs and you would get banned (if this needs to be said I obviously do not support threatening violence against TRAs either)

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I would consider that abuse.

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Just a suggestion, might you be able to screen cap those posts (blur out usernames if you have to) and share them somewhere? It's good to have primary source evidence when claims like "nobody is sending women violent threats" inevitably come about

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Erm. I don't know how to blur out things, sorry, not super tech savvy, but I will send them to you.

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I'd like to see them too. I have quite a few FB friends who are all about 'free speech having consequences'. I'd like to post some of this stuff and ask them how they'd respond if someone sent something like this to their wife or their daughter.

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Also! Apparently declaring that "TERFs get the toaster bath" isn't against facebook community standards. Fun times.