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And the difference is made up by government subsidies because of powerful coal lobbyists over the centuries or something?

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I think the difference is that cost effective solar is not purchased and installed yet. There's certainly a missing piece to the puzzle.

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and I cyncially see it through the lense/filter of money as a grab to enduce all the innocent into buying solar. Do you not see the sun dimming underway boiling frogs???? Whaddya suppose that means for solar. ?

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I'm all for replacing the energy production technology - and it is both financially and materially inevitable - HOWEVER, there is a limiting factor no one often considers. Do you know the quantities of certain fairly rare elements required to make one solar panel - let alone hundreds of billions (which is how many standard sized panels we would need, at the very least).

Future looks good, but there are still hurdles.

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True, we all do better if we accept the challenges of deployment. Energy reduction is the cheapest and most beneficial step in 2018.