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Possibly Upton Sinclair in 1919

From first to last I had nothing to hide, and for that reason I had nothing to fear, and this was as well known to the newspapers as it was to the police who were probing the explosion.[4]

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if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear

Why can't we use this exact logic to disclose Trump's tax sheets?

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I think the phrase has some merit, yet at the same time, it's the perfect slogan for an overreaching command, and control(C2) government.

I mean the slogan tugs at the low iq idiot common sense, that if someone doesn't wear themselves proverbially on their shirtsleeve, then they hiding something...... when it's coming from a government, hiding means illegal activity only........ It can also mean not wanting to hurt another's feelings, but forget that, right?

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I think the fallacy here is that people have (or should have) nothing to hide. We all have things we want to remain private, which is fine; privacy is a basic human right. Another misconception is that governments and corporations are benevolent entities that won't abuse the data they have access to.

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I always assumed it was some guy asking for nudes.

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"There's no right, there's no wrong. There's only popular opinion" Jeffrey Goines, 12 Monkeys.

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The problem is the reason to fear. I'll hide what I consider acceptable for myself if the entity that has power to harm considers it unacceptable. Therefore, the fear comes not from doing something innately wrong but from an outside power threatening my freedoms and well being.