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Ho Lee Fuk, and 5G will track these "terrorists" everywhere and it can zap anyone who gets out of line but they will never tell you what that phrase really means.

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You summed it up pretty well... what madness...

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Was standing under a 5G device for 20 minutes got a terrible migraine, didn't know it was 5G until after. I went back again and looked on wifi and the ssdi says 5G. Stood under it again and got a migraine again. Last time I got a migraine was several years ago do to an infection. And I am never around wifi, so I can feel the difference when it is on after a half hour. And yes, non-ionizing radiation HAS BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS without heating. Liars like to claim there are no effects because it is non-ionizing, but there are hundreds of randomized double blind placebo studies illustrating biological effects on all life forms. Research proton pump

5G on the body feels like a low grade migraine or pressure in your head, or something/someone squeezing your head and your eye-site becomes a little blurry. I'm going to go back and see if it does it to me again.

Also, the speed was not that much fater than LTE and it doesn't even oenetrate objevts so, they have to put them up everywhere whoch would mean lots of profit and/or concentrate the beams which would cause all other problems.

Research the VGCC's pathway.


USA/Canada: 61.4

Belgium: 21

Russia/China: 6

Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland: 6

Building Biology: 0.06

Bio initiative Report: 0.03

Austria: 0.02

Mother nature: 0.00002


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Damn that's nuts that it was giving you a migraine. Thanks for nuking yourself for science.

I've seen the studies on non-ionizing radiation too, they've proven several biological effects. Scary stuff.

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feels like a low grade migraine or pressure in your head, or something/someone squeezing your head and your eye-site becomes a little blurry

so 5g is like having a permanent hangover?

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If china is so ahead in 5G why is there safety limit for RF so low? Why is the US's the highest?

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i don't want this for us! make it stop!

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This is how I know that the Christchurch shooting was a setup/fake. Well, that and his AR magazine being on the hallway of the Mosque before he even walked inside... But yeah, it was all to get this type of legislation in place. And anti-gun legislation too, of course.

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There was an AR mag already inside? Is it on video?

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Not an AR mag. Even crazier...

The shell casings disappeared in mid air.

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It's like a game.
Oy vey. lets see how much I can get away with making the lie sloppy work. The goyim will still be convinced.

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No there was not. I have the HD footage and it was not there, though it totattly looks like it in the SD footage. As for the disappearing casings, yes, they were oddly dissapearing at points in time. But too hard to tell. What isn't and what is obvious is supposedly one of the most gruesome moments in the alleged shooting.

The women who is shot on thr side of the road. When the guy goes to ahoot her, the gun isn't even aimed at her arm, and yet some deveice attached to her arm blows up, as if it is a coordinated, timed pyrotechnic device. The more I watched it in HD the more obvious it became that this event was hoghly coordinated with moulage. However, the first shooting at times looks very real or very fake. The footage from the 2nd shootingat a different mosque is so obviously a psyop hoax it is laughable. They have directors, and a script where the cameraman pans the area and people pretend to cry. The guy screwed up though, because one of the persons suposaedly dead was caught on the peripherals of the lens sittigg up talking, 1 minute later he is in a pool of blood allegedly dead.

If they can fake Boston Bombing and Orlando Shooting they can fake christchurch, but the 1st person angle makes it hard to look past its realism. If you observe everything frame by frame, things start to stick out like a sore thumb.

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Yep. Watch when he first walks in and looks on the ground to the left. It's an AR mag that he later picks up and puts in his tac vest. Clear as day too. Everyone should see it. Haven't heard any good explanations yet either. Or even a real attempt.

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That is a citizen suppression bill.

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It's the Stasi emerging from its pupa.

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Stasi. All these red flag laws, and TAPs Act Laws are taking right from the Stasi, communist playbook. And Trump, the faux Conservative is signing them into law, while the dumb conservatives who myopically idenitify with the neocon controlled GOP ARE cheering HIM ON. Disgusting. Even more obvious is the democrates support these bills as well. So, clearly we have a bunch of authoritarian, statists in office and in congress.

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Dystopia is amognst us.

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in the minds of the nz govt for sure

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good thing i don't live in such a cucked country but we can all see it soon trying to be implemented in our country.

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Robin is the man.

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Guess people didn't learn from the patriot act.

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Dude, but it has the word Patriot in it.

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Wow, facial recognition ID to access the internet is probably not far off. Shame, a beautiful country ran by control freaks.

I wonder how much land is deemed "national park" or other protected area? Seems like heavy handed government control likes to rope off large tracts of land, under the guise of protection.

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holy fuck