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This guy is either oblivious to his numerous contradictions and oxymorons or else he's a brilliant satirist.

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This guy is me. Presumably you are modern scum.

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You could set up a saidit clone in about 2 hours, but to make changes you'll have to learn how to adjust the code yourself, because unfortunately basically no one wants to work on something that has 8 programming languages and a million lines of code, unless you pay them a ton of money. I have also experienced this while trying to find programmers to help with saidit.

I'd be willing to help get the ball rolling with setting up a saidit instance (weren't you working on the saidit docker system with d3rr?) but you're going to have to learn to adjust code to make the adjustments yourself in order for it to succeed.

The fact both d3rr and I know how to operate and adjust the code of saidit is the only reason this site is still alive 3 years after we started. Either that or you have to have a spare $100k+ sitting around to hire top-notch programmers. That unfortunately is the reality of the landscape, in my experience. If you just want to change the header image and do some CSS adjustments, I can teach you how to do all that, just PM me and I'd be happy to help.

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In spite of our different views on moderation, I consider the current SaidIt to be an acceptable platform which is why I post here. I don't see any point in setting up another SaidIt instance unless I can substantially improve on the current SaidIt, and that would require a programmer who can work with the code. I don't have the time to learn this code myself, and I can't find anyone else to do it, so I don't think a SaidIt clone makes sense for me.

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_ I don't see any point in setting up another SaidIt instance unless I can substantially improve on the current SaidIt_

You can improve and fundamentally help BOTH sites by creating the free speech site so SaidIt can return and focus on civil discourse. The two sites need each other, like Yin and Yang or Good Kirk and Evil Kirk.

Start with that, before you try reinventing the wheel.

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Fair enough, I can understand that viewpoint. However I do think that separate forums can be created with similar appearances, but over time evolve to have entirely different communities and cultures. I've seen this happen with who split their userbase in half in to two websites for a year or so. Initially the two were "the same" but after a year they had developed very different cultures and focuses. So even just the saidit software with another name at another url, giving it another focus, is enough to attract some users. Although advertising forums is hard these days, so you need some sort of "hook" to draw people in if you're looking for good growth. Anyways, that's my 2 cents.

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Rather than building from scratch in an obscure programming language created by you, why not work on forking an existing FOSS architecture? I would be much more inclined to donate my time to a project like that

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You sound like the modern moron programmer scum fschmidt despises. /s

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You're still dependent on and waiting for a programmer - so I hope it does but I don't expect it to fly.

IMO you could start it in Lemmy or SaidIt and just use that until you build your pipe dream. Then you can port over the database or whatever then.

Before this SaidIt forum-slides into the gutter permanently, we need a free-speech site to exile/babysit the trolls.

I have a proposal:
We set up a Lemmy instance on our VPS within Docker. It can be administrated and managed by you, or our SaidIt community, or whatever new FreedIt community arises. It would use the you bought until you have your new forum running, at which point you can migrate the database and the domain name to your new forum.

From what I understand, except for the decentralization bit, Lemmy is a much simpler forum, and thus a simpler database. I'm guessing it would be easier to port than SaidIt with subs, wikis, and other stuff.

With a free-speech troll farm up and running, we could then go about repairing SaidIt. Assuming we can even get /u/magnora7 to the discussion table, much less manage anything around here.

Maybe it would be better to just start fresh. Regardless, it would be smart to set up another instance as backup for SaidIt as well anyway.

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I don't have experience with Lemmy. Have you used it enough to judge that it is a really usable? If yes, then I will look at it this weekend.

If Lemmy is usable and you manage to get an instance of Lemmy up and running, then I would be glad to transfer the FreedIt domain to you so you can use it. If you do crowdfunding then I will contribute once it is working.

I think SaidIt is a lost cause. It will never be fixed.

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I don't have experience with Lemmy. Have you used it enough to judge that it is a really usable?

Count the established operational instances. It's not fancy (yet), but it works - and there's a big enough support team improving it.

People complain about so many Left Lemmy sites, but few (some exist) are bothering to make Right or Centrist sites. If you get a hang of it you can help others to set up theirs too. I'd like a couple, if for no other purpose than to co-archive and backup other sites. The more of us there are, the harder we are to squash.

I won't say no to donations, and eventually I'll even try to make it easy to give (the SaidIt footer is sad), and all money is useful, but that's never been a high priority for me.

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Okay, I will investigate Lemmy when I have time.

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AARP is an alt of Edward, aka skeeter, skank, wonderwoman, etc, asstroll in this forum and chat.

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you are going to investigate lemmy, because /u/jasoncarswell suggested it? jason knows html and a bit of css. just fyi.

jason doesnt have a clue.

jason goes to protests so that he can suck off truckers.

i learned that while lurking in the chat.

jason is one sick mofo.