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Don't join Discord servers that might get banned if you care at all about your account. If they ban a server you're in they will disable your account just for being there. In smaller servers you don't even have to be active.

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The one I was in disappeared I think (was banned? not sure)

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Probably the owner was banned and it just got deleted. If it was banned your account would get disabled or you'd at least get a warning.

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There used to be a discord server a long ago, but it disappeared unexpectedly

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Most likely, he was banned when he followed malicious links in messages. When I heard How to Hack Discord Account in 2022 I immediately realized that it could come in handy for me to protect my account. Thanks to this, I did not fall for the trick of scammers and did not follow unfamiliar links, keeping my data safe. When you have the necessary information from a reliable resource, you know how to protect yourself, and that's cool.