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Just tear-gassed, only way to show them there not welcome is with guns. Start shooting them Oh and tell them the US has a open border policy.

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Polish forces have used tear gas and water cannon against migrants trying to cross into the country from Belarus.

Videos showed migrants throwing stones and other objects at the Polish forces guarding a fortified border crossing.

The police accused Belarusian forces of supplying migrants with stun grenades and standing by while they threw them and other missiles.

But Russia - a close ally of Belarus - condemned Poland's use of tear gas and water cannons against the migrants, calling it "absolutely unacceptable".


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I'm fairly ignorant about what's happening there, are they sending all of those people to the border to try and destabilize the country?

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Yeah Belarus does this to piss off Poland/EU because there were some sanctions imposed on Belarus previously.

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based belarus

Oh EU is mad about it?Shouldn't they be happy to get all these great immigrants who enrich a society?

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I hope it's gonna get many people redpilled on the migration issue

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I'm all for pissing EU but this hurts Poland much, much more than them. It's not like those bearocrats care what will happen with some soldiers on Wolyńce-Grodno border nor what will happens to nearby children once border falls.

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it only hurts poland if they back down and let them in, which I agree they might.

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Can't they get overrun? Cos right now it kinda looks like they'll have to wait until attacker literally starves to death.

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That could happen, right now they have thousands of immigrants trying to get in, and thousands of troops ready to stop them, right now it is not at the point where they get overrun. I think that could change but in the current situation the only way the immigrants get in is if polish politicians sell out and tell the troops to stand down and let them in.

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Okay, that's at leat little reassuring.

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"based belarus" acting like a jew, a based person doesn't make.

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I see what you mean, because israel doesn't want immigrants either?

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I just find it so funny.

European countries have made a big show of not being able to control immigration (especially happening with Channel crossing to the UK right now). Then when a few hundred people get pushed to the border by Russia suddenly they can send an international armed force to stop them.

It's ridiculous.

If Russia's plan was to make the European governments reveal their act, rather than just piss off Poland, it's a stroke of genius and worked very well.

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Screw Geneva and the EU. Use live rounds then invade b*larus.