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Now this one is surprise. Has anything changed recently?

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There have been consistently some issues with migrants lately

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Okay, wow. I knew it's bad but havent expected it to be this bad.

But I dont believe 'Mind-Boggling' is correct word here. It would be more appropriate to call it 'Totally expected'.

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I doubt this vow will be kept but I hope it will be :)

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Well the more voices there are in Europe the better. Glad our neighbor Austria is waking up.

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Amen :D

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That means they're staying in Serbia. Serbs are so naive. I see no point in helping Austria or any EU member at all.

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Atleast Serbia isn't taking any more. They will all get moved soon to Britain or somewhere cringe. I see a point, hopefully by continued support of each other Austria becomes better friends with countries like Serbia and decides to step out of EU control. Same with other EU run countries, with continued "brotherly" support hopefully EU members will drift away from EU control. :)

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I doubt they will be moved somewhere, they themselves might try to go to some of those richer countries but I doubt they will allow them to come. Serbia didn't participated in Afghanistan, Syria, or Libya, and also didn't had any troops stationed there. Serbia is not a NATO member. Let the NATO countries take them in, the refugees are mostly former NATO collaborates so what is the problem there? Why should they even think of coming to or through Serbia at the first place?

This is the list of countries that should feel the responsibility (which of course they don't) and Austria is there as well:

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I am happy Serbia didn't participate in those disasters. :) They are trying to reach Western Countries Via Europe, I am unsure why Serbia let them in... You are Correct, NATO should take them all in as this migrant crisis was caused by their Horrific Withdrawal From Afghanistan. The immigrants should go to the First 3 countries on the list, the rest of those countries were forced to participate by either the EU or NATO.

Are You Serbian? What do you feel about the Yugoslav Wars?

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Yes, I am Serbian. I think it was German scheme to destroy their only opposition in Europe (Yugoslavia) and with that they destroyed any decency left among South Slavs. Yugoslavia was far from perfect but that was only way for common South Slav to have even minimally decent life. They achieved major success. Now this region is enslaved, hats off to them for aligning themselves with other relevant superpowers like US and UK. They managed to trick greedy Slovenes and unsatisfied Croats, and used Bosniaks as scapegoats, pulled off major propaganda against Serbs and in general they played their cards well, because they did all they planned. Serbia was last to capitulate in the early 2000's, but still outside of NATO and had no deal in Afghanistan at all. Also, I disagree that first 3 countries from the list should take all. I believe all of the countries should take them, in proportion to their activity there. I believe in justice and karma. If you're coward that does not know how to say "no" then sooner or later it will get you. I am against allowing anyone to get out of uneasy situation so sleazy like the Austrians try to do now.

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I see. Yugoslavia was very succesful and very stable too for the majority of the time it existed. What region do you mean, The Balkans or Germany? It is good Serbia is not involved in NATO, it would be like the chinese allowing the japanese to run their country after nanking.

I understand your point, I agree to an extent but I think atleast the top 3 should take the majority, as i said before, most of the other countries were forced to do it. Those who willingly allowd NATO and EU to run their country should take a large amount of refugees as that is what they signed up for.

What do you think about the NATO bombing of Belgrade? And words of an albanian/bosnian genocide during Yugoslav Wars? What you think about EU and NATO also?

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I mean the region of former Yugoslavia, I don't care for Germany. I think its the job of German citizens to care for it.

Of course, its good not to be involved in NATO, because in essence it is a criminal organization. Just take a look at their deeds and "accomplishments". I'm also anti-EU as well because it serves just big economies and it lets smaller countries to survive from donations of those bigger. The countries involved in EU lose the sovereignty and ability to make decisions.

Are you trying to say because they were forced to participate they should bear no consequences? I see no logic behind that, they could still say "no". Sure, that would mean they'd get their funds decreased, maybe they would get accusations or perhaps even threats to get kicked out of alliance, but in the end they would do the right thing morally. However, I doubt they know what it means and thus don't feel moral responsibility because most of these nations are no longer religious, and worse - they think they're doing the right thing. So in the end they should not cry about Afghan refugees and hope for someone uninvolved to solve their problems.

I think well of all of our neighbors (not just Bosnians or Albanians) and I wish them good fortune.

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I see. I agree with your points about NATO and the EU, I hold identical opinions. :)

Some Countries like Poland cannot live without EU assistance and are literally forced as if they say no their economy will weaken significantly. I understand what you are saying, but I think in specific scenarios those countries should not be bothered with Afghan Refugees. It is very sad that countries have lost their orthodoxical or christian faiths, it has led to a rise in LBGT related things in all of them and more degeneracy all around.

What do you think about the Soviet Union? And do you miss Yugoslavia?

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Glad we agree on some things, but I don't think Poland is economically weak today. In the 90's or 2000's, but right now they're good enough. And regarding religion I was not talking about Christianity in specific. It could be even Islam or Buddhism, but most countries in Europe have secular laws which paves the path for immoral behavior. I think Soviet Union was hell. I don't miss Yugoslavia because I don't like to live in past, I'm just aware it would be better for South Slavs if it continued to exist in different form (non-socialistic).

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I am also happy we agree on some things :). Poland is Maybe not weak but Moderately weak In my opinion, I think a large part of their economy is funded and upheld by the EU. Your point about secular laws is very very true, Do you think Religion is the only way someone can be a moral person?

I only think the Soviet Union was really bad in Czechia, Romania and Hungary. If the Cheka was not so insane and the Government embraced orthodoxy I think it would have been even better. Of Course the Political System was not the best, But they did many good things all around the planet and They helped your average Russian person to live better. Same thing with Yugoslavia as I said, similar encouragement of orthodoxy and less socialism and it would be better :D

What do you think about LBGT? And what are your thoughts on this : I thought it was a very interesting article :)) Also : Thoughts?