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Служить sounds kinda dirty.

Anyway I am thinking of moving to Russia but I don't know if I can live without Mexican food. I've heard Georgian food is similar but I am skeptical.

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If you live anywhere southern russia you are likely to get atleast somewhat similar food to Mexico. Moscow has the best imports so maybe there would fulfill your needs too. What part of the baltics are you from?

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Thank you for the helpful reply - that's encouraging information. I'm Estonian but I live in America, hence the Mexican food addiction.

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I see. What do you think about the Government in Estonia?

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Sorry for the delay. I thought I'd do some research in order to give an informed reply, but I don't really have time. Truth is, I'm not in tune with Estonian politics so I can't comment on them. I'm Baltic in terms of heritage, and somewhat in terms of culture, but I'm not even close to having a native's perspective.

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Not a Problem :) Why are you thinking of moving?

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A few things appeal to me:

  • cost of living - what gets me a very modest place here would get me one of the nicest apartments in Moscow. Life in general is just much, much cheaper in Russia.

  • lack of authoritarianism - totalitarianism is growing here, and it's influencing our legal and educational systems. My guess is that this is less likely to happen in Russia since people there have lived under such a system and can remember its consequences.

Those are the main attractions. I also love the language and would like to get really good at it. And I like that Russians prefer deep bonds and meaningful conversations to small talk and superficial connections.

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It is nice and cheap everywhere in eastern europe :) Russians do far prefer real conversations and are very honest, unlike for instance the British, who I find to be very fake and would betray someone in a split second for their own gain. It is very beautiful as well. I recommend if you do move here to go around to all of the different areas, like for instance volvograd, yakutsk or norilsk maybe, they all give a very different experience. Is there anything else in America that is pushing you to move or anything in Russia that is pulling you in? Would love to hear :D

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I guess the place has hypnotized me a bit. It's different enough to feel exotic but similar enough to feel familiar; that's a delicious combination in my opinion. It also has that frontier vibe, which I suppose appeals to my American instincts. I love that Russia feels full of potential.

I left all this out of my first answer because it is very vague and subjective. Also, I think I understated my appreciation of the language. I got my degree in linguistics, so when I'm excited about a language, it's no small thing.

Do you agree with my theory of (modern) Russian resistance to totalitarianism? I admit it's conjecture, but I think it makes sense.

Oh, I looked up the places you recommended and they definitely look worthy of a visit. The Karelia region also appeals to me, as does the far east.

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I don't think the Russians will let anyone rule over them as harshly as some of the soviet leaders did, So yes I agree with your idea :) If you are looking for a proper job, Moscow and St . Petersburg are your main areas to live in as they are where most of the money is made, But areas like volvograd are also very nice. If you do decide to stay here, Take a trip on the Trans-Siberian to wherever you want, All of the areas are wonderful. If you want to get an authentic experience you have to find a typical communist block, Buy a good amount of cheap cigarettes (Low tax on them :) ) and a lot of cheap high proof alcohol and stand near the door and wait to make new friends, very easy way to get invited into someone's house for dinner. And don't forget sunflower seeds!!! Are you fluent in Russian? And could you explain to me what linguistics entails?