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It was and has been proven to be fake via FCC library codes and Sysco food sent to a school in Monroe CT all throughout 2012 for Sandy Hook elementary.

The kids were at the once abanonded monroe middle school that did not have black mold and asbestos.

They moved there in August of 2012, not after the hoax event, like the psyop media told you but well before it.

Eyewitness reports of construction workers from September through October who would stop and eat lunch at the school parking lot, stated, and I know two of the guys online, that the school was closed down and not in use.

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Sysco food

What is that?

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^ ^ ^ They supplied food to Sandy Hook elementary. The address of where the luncg food was supplied to was 12 Dickenson Drive in 2011, the start of the 2012 school year, all the food was being sent to Monroe middle school. The middle school closed down in 2011 and was banonded but did not have black mold or asbestos issues like the sandy hook elementary school. The children were moved to that school and 4 months later they conducted a FEMA Capstone drill with DHS involvement at the abandoned elementary school.

The media then lied and said the children were moved to the middle school after the shooting, but this is a lie.