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If they drafted women back when I was in the Army I guarantee I would have been assigned to the ugly ones.

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Likely one of the trans women.

Maybe that's why they really want to change the rules, so the chad can't say he's a woman and dodge the draft.

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If they ever have to bring back the draft it means things are already so bad they'll even induct trannies and girls as long as they can carry a rifle.

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Women should not be allowed to get drafted. This is stupid. It’s time to clean up all this mess.

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Let's face it even if they get drafted they won't be going on the front line.

Because they aren't good enough.

Didn't I read somewhere 70% of young male Americans are not fit enough for the draft.

That will be the same for women but then the ones fit enough will be weaker as well.

They will get drafted to communications and medical jobs, which isn't a terrible thing if the country is in a war for survival.

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the reason to have women in the military is to give the men something to fuck