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The Black Front was made by Otto Strasser not Gregor. Gregor was purged because he was suspected of plotting a coup with Rohm, using the SA against Hitler. The SA and Hitler always had issues because leaders of it always wanted more power than they were given.

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So, could a red-brown alliance actually work?

Most post-war fascists and national socialists were of this nature, working with Latin America and Middle Eastern leaders, and even the USSR too. Look up Otto Ernst Remer, Francis Parker Yockey and Johann von Leers as prominent examples.

I don't think allying with western communists/marxists will work as like you said they're all just neoliberals with communist aesthetics because everyone knows being an unironic liberal is cringe. But non-western enemies of capitalism are all potential allies.

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communism is diametrically opposed to national socialism and fascism. the "socialism" in natsoc is far different from marxist socialism, specifically because it is NATIONAL and not GLOBAL. globalism is impossible to maintain alongside nationalism. so no, i don't think a red-brown alliance could work, and i think it would have degraded too quickly