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First to the post at hand...

It's interesting in that I can't tell if it's a legitimate collection of a real trend that's being documented, racial opinions aside.

On the next level it seems that this collection has a strong possibility that it has a racist conflict raising agenda.

On the next level, we already know that governments are intentionally fucking shit up with their migration policies.

When your government is intentionally fucking shit up in your neighbourhoods, communities, and nation, at what point are legitimate in griping?

For example are the British racist when other white people are imported to their country from eastern European nations? Change the nation and the skin colour might change.

Make a collection of images of Middle Eastern and Indian women with boys/young men - and spin it the same way.

Is this counter-propaganda against the ruling class' migration chaos?

Is this racist-propaganda "defending" their culture and "race"?

Is it both?

And then there's the motives of the OP original poster of this, /u/Key_Resource, and why he/she/it felt compelled to say, "Polish are Cucks Polcucks".

Plus on a personal level I hadn't even thought about some of this as it applies to my /s/BittersweetSeeds story. My fictional character, Ernest Achbar, was born Palestinian and married his wife Celine from France and had their daughter Celeste. Celeste is a combination of their names. Celine is an other name for Luna goddess of the Moon, which will relate later, as will their ancestries. Spoiler: Ernest dies in the end, and though you might be able to pull out certain martyr tropes there's not much else similar between Ernest and Jesus Christ besides their Palestinian birth. Why did they marry? In 1999-2000 I animated at Pitch Inc in NYC with some people from other places, like J.D. and Josselin (on projects like this So Josselin and J.D. explained some stuff that stuck in my mind and I thought it was a neat thing to include in my story - though now I have much deeper reasons to think on it. Arab culture in France is/was edgy and cool - the way Black and rap culture are in the USA. Part of the character story and irony is that Celine though Ernest was a "bad boy" when really he was just a nerd, but they paired up anyway.

I wish I knew Mark Achbar better but am glad to know him at all just the same. He's a great guy and filmmaker and I learned that Achbar means "great" in Arabic. I have other friends who are closer and great too, but they don't have the name that I borrowed for my character Ernest Achbar, (aka great earnest).

I am not an SJW but I wanted to include these "diversity" elements to make my story more interesting as well as provide food for thought, and maybe even challenge the audience. Obviously with current Hollywood movies they don't know how to do it naturally, intelligently, or with well rounded characters so they fail miserably.