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When the media accuses someone of being racist, they are almost always lying. In fact, the constant accusations of racism against Trump supporters and Brexit activists, contrasted with statements made by actual Trump supporters and Brexit activists, was what made me turn my back on western news media once and for all.

No, nationalism is not synonymous with prejudice. Nationalism gives the citizens of a nation a common goal, regardless of gender or skin color. Combine that with the values of the enlightenment (true liberalism, unlike the pink-haired insanity of the loony left), and you have a recipe for peace, prosperity, and freedom.

This article is woke rubbish. The dissolution of the EU is necessary, and so is the draining of the swamp, which is to a large extent why the Britons want Brexit and the Americans want Trump.

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Seig Heil, girlfriend. These pieces are aimed precisely at fascist readers like you. Glad you took the time to think differently, for two minutes.

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Wow get some new tactics, pal.

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You have no idea what you're talking about.

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How dare europeans want to be majorities in their own homelands? The article falsely paints France and the UK as some sort of multi cultural nations when in reality those two countries were pretty much etnoctates up until a couple of decades ago, all jews can do is lie, cry and scream about their delusional view of the world, they are parasites and they rightfully deserve the worst fate imaginable.

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Boo hoo. So predictable. May you be defeated by transgender vegan environmentalists in the next world war.

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Oy vey Schlomo, are you afraid of us poor little creature?

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