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Here's a brief overview of what's mentioned:

  • 3 minutes in, he's mentioned nationalists getting doxxed and harassed in person.
  • 4:00 shows nationalist ballots that were thrown away by opposition
  • 4:30 mentions ballots being hidden at stations by opposition and politicians openly stating they illegally disposed of nationalist ballots
  • 5:00 is a politician who was threatened to have her head bashed in and murdered by two nonSwedes - more context - she was pregnant and they were taking swings at her - unclear if she was visibly pregnant but she stated she was worried about her unborn child
  • Further in... Muslimes are using their WIVES as a SECOND VOTE, which makes no sense. Why do they or their wives get a vote? Anyway, apparently their wives are being told by the men where to go and who to vote for, specifically. In other words, the Muslim man gets two votes.
  • 6:20 - "50 thousand Turks no longer living in Sweden took part in the election" (referring to dual citizenship)

And that's my limit. I feel sick listening to this stuff so I had to stop. If anyone wants to continue feel free.