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a very bad idea. thats exactly what putin, merkel, macron and all the other commies want; to further their eurasia agenda.

it is not what 'europe wants'.

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It's been tried before, bro.

See Operation Gladio.

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Israel unfortunately wants this too, or simply doesn't care too much if they can be breadwinners in the Eurasian state.

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you are obsessed with jews and israel. kinda sad.

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And you're a lackey shilling the canarymission on your FoF sub, owned by an IDF Israeli Zionist Jew and various other Zionists in real estate which attacks anti-BDS students and officals who uphold the constitutional right to boycott. You cliam that 'The Lobby" doc. which exposes AIPAC and the Jewish lobby in the US, a lobby that does not serve the interests of the US nor its people, including the common Jew is some how un-American, disgusting. So, what is your take on the Jewish lobby? What is your take on the neoconservatives, or Rabbi Zacheim? What is your take on people like Cass Sunstein, or Jewish Zionists? What is your take on James Petras, a marxist who exposes the neoconservative doctrine nurtured straight from Israel.

How sad it is for me that I am against an apartheid state that has ethnically cleansed the Palestinians; an ethno-state subverting the US constitution domestically. Maybe I should just read more wikipedia. According to you, you refuse to believe anything I've written, If I counter your arguments you simply ignore them, believing, in your words, that Wikipedia is far more truthful, despite it being owned by a pro-Israel porn-peddler. I strongly suspect that you are a Trump supporter, you have yet to asnwer this question, which I have asked you dozens of times. DO you support, or will you vote for Trump? What is your take on the Zionist Bernie Kerik who was pardoned by Trump and who took hundreds of thousands of dollars from an Israeli tycoon?

How sad it is for me that only a small amount of so-called self-hating Jews bring about these issues, mostly those on the left, people you would call commies. How sad is it for me that Israeli intelligence and the 5th colum neoconservatives in the executive branch and Think Tanks as well as Likudniks who have a long history of conducting terror attacks orchestrated 9/11 killing 3,000 and later hundreds of thousands for Israel's interests.

Obsessed? No, Jews do not dominatie my thoughts and I do not exclaim the common Jew is an issue or part of the conspiracy, though many Jews are, just as many gentiles are in voting for these Zionist shylocks. Might it be a persistent idea, image, desire of mine? No, it's not an idea, nor an image, and most definately not a desire, but rather an account on history and truth.

/u/d3rr /u/swordofdamocles42

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Great reply. Didn't answer any of my questions. Why is that? I'm always genuinely curious to learn from others but it seems like with you anything that exposes the stronghold that Israel and the pro-Jewish lobby has on the US is a no go.

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tbh i never read your walls of text. you plagiarize and cite no sources, plus you are just too single minded. like shills always are.

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How about we stick to this post only. Answer my questions stated above. You always use fallacies to run away from my questions. Do you support Trump, are you a Zionist? What do you think of AIPAC and the neocons?

You admit to being one minded by exclaiming that you never read my text, ever. Which shows, you refuse to view the other person's opinion. Sort of like how you think Jesuits control everything and slandered someone who was not a Jesuit at all, yet you said she was, calling her a commie, vegan and pro-pesticide propagandist, despite her not being a Jesuit, nor a vegan and being pro-organic farming. You then state that, you can never be too careful of Jesuits. I don't get you? That seems pretty biased. And yes, everyone has biased opinions, I just cannot understand why you refuse to answer my questions regarding the Jewish Lobby. Again, your shilling of the canarymission and attack on 'The Lobby' doc. illustrates you are, maybe unbeknowst to you, furthering the Zionist agenda.

I read everything you post, you refuse to hear the other side, or at the very least refuse to answer questions.

What in the comment I posted above do you agree and disagree with? Do you believe Palestinians are being persecuted? Do you believe in a Jewish ethno-state? Do you believe the Likudniks and Israeli intelligence as well as 5th column neoconservatives in the US government did 9/11?

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I know it might be counterintuitive, but we’re taking the UK. Edit: and Australia.

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Canada doesn't want their parents to get divorced. Why can't we all just get along?

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Yep, the US empire of aggression and murder and rape needs to be shrunk in influence and economy so it can stop killing people. Faster if at all possible, please.

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Europe was fine with the US when we freed those in concentration camps, AND rebuilt Europe.

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That was a long time ago. They feel no particular gratitude and want out. I say let them go. It will be hilarious watching them fall flat on their faces.

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Wrong, the ZioCons have infiltrated and hijacked the US. It's not America.

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Multilateralism? Clearly, someone wants the US to leave its geopolitical agendas behind thusly devaluing the dollar and destroying the US.

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US won't be destroyed. We'll be just fine. We're self-sufficient in oil and food. It's Europe that will be fucked. That makes it all the more hilarious that they're demanding this.

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Possibly, so you think Isolationism and giving Europe over to multilateralism and Chinese and Russian energy market monopolization would benefit the US and its fiat currency?

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Who cares? It's their decision to make. It's none of our business.

The job of the USA is not to conquer the world. No.

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Of course its not, but it teally isn't about that. It's about imposing a fait currency hoping countries do not desollarize. We use military to impose our will on strategic areas or else Russia or China would take over.

So, isolation could indeed be an option but it could only be achieved if we end the Fed and central banking schemes, attach some fixed price to notes or coins and not print money for war inflating the economy.

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Sounds great! When can we start?

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By refusing to participate in the current system.

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Every event accomplishes more than one thing. One of those things would be to setup the pretext for the establishment of a European Union army. Then there will be no more possibility for another peaceful Brexit type situation..