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also this sub is really beautiful

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If you want to apply it to your own subs I can get off my ass and finish this "Ergonomix" CSS (meant to be easier to read with a touch of style) with it's easy-to-follow instructions (also unfinished). If you want it but don't want to do it yourself I can for you.

Also, I can make banners for you.

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100% i would take you up on that offer

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Just say when, where, and how.

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Cool! Yeah anything you can do would be great, do I give you mod status?

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If you want. What sub(s) did you want what done to them.

Also, FYI, I did the banner and CSS for /s/WatchPeopleDie and /s/WatchPeopleSurvive if you just want the top done.

If you want this entire CSS it's easy enough to set up. I can do it for you if you make me co-mod.

I have a full days worth of stuff to do to wrap up the CSS once and for all. Then I'll apply it to all mine and whatever you want.

Also, if you have any suggestions or insights into how to improve the CSS now would be the time.

After that I can eject or stay if you want me there for whatever reason(s). It's easy enough to re-invite as things come up too.

I see you have 4 subs.


I know little to nothing about metal or UFOs. I have a cat.

If you want banners for them let me know what you want. If you want me to make them myself I can come up with something, general and non-specific, but it may not be what you want, though I aim to please, so it won't be terrible. I'd rather hear your ideas first.

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Jason, firstly, thanks a lot. I appreciate anything you're willing to do. Your design is just fine and any ideas you have are cool. I don't have any specific ideas so whatever is fine, I'm not picky, NO PRESSURE.

thanks again

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Okay. Since you're not picky, here's what I have in mind. All banners can have day/night mode. Depending, I can make 2 banners, or lately I've been making lighter/darker ends of the same banner with shifting focus.

UFO I was thinking these two images: - or maybe one flying from The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)
and a variation on the poster:

A montage of metal images, from rust to brushed chromium, from rivets to engravings - somehow yet to be determined. Metal and BlackMetal may be the same - but with different titles. It's funny that I'm doing this considering I don't like the music much. Of course there are some exceptions. If you happen to know anyone who does a good Metallica impression and/or can play acoustic guitar, etc and/or know of someone who can - I would actually animate a music video for a raspy mellow angry "The Unforgiven"/"Nothing Else Matters" styled cover versions of "All The Things I Wasn't" and/or "Ship Of Fools" and/or "The Weeping Song" and/or "I Lived On The Moon". Man, if I could do that style I'd cover all sorts of shit.

I don't know about cats. yet. I might use part of this old design I did. It's vector so it can be any size, any colours, so that glimpse is just all that the captured a decade ago. I'm also tempted to do a montage of pretty cats. But really, I'm thinking something more stylish. Like the /s/Sex banner - but with cats somehow.

I actually fixed one of the things I have to do to the CSS today. More still to go. I'll apply the CSS's after I finish fixing the CSS for good (hopefully) and add the banners if ready or later so I don't make extra work for myself. So CSS is first. I also have a dozen or so banners I want to do for my own subs too. That will be my reward, after the CSS is done.

After they're done I can stay or go as you see fit. The CSS may get updates in months and years to come. I have no interest in moderating (even my own subs). Lemme know if you wanna be mod of any of mine. Also, FYI, I've recently discovered multisubs. They're also a good way to keep tabs on your fav subs without adding and removing them. Also good for moderating.

I started this wiki recently but it will be a while before the entire SaidIt is categorized. Of note, there's one called "Carswell" for all my subs if I ever want to moderate or keep up with what folks are posting there. As I'm co-mod I'll add your 4 subs too and remove them when I leave. Personally I like SaidIt_SaidIt best - for just SaidIt-related stuff - but there again, I'm always behind.

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Great ideas dude, you have a penchant for design no question

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this shits sickening