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She's not great on economics and 2nd Amendment, but she's very good on war and political liberty. Of all the Democrat potentials, she's the only one I'd like to see succeed.

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I'd like to see her on the debate stage, bringing topics like anti-interventionism and protection for whistleblowers like Assange to the public discourse.

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Too true Drewski

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Ron Paul is better than this. Maybe he's just masonic controlled opposition like I hear here and there.

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Better than what?

She's the best option out there. Sure she has a cult, but who doesn't. Sure they may disagree on economics - ie. Ron Paul has a return to gold standard fantasy - but Gabbard wants to end the wars, thus saving tonnes of blood and gold.

Also, Ron has teased about 9/11 but never really committed to being a truther in any substantial way. Tulsi I'm sure won't go there cuz.

Who would you have him support?

If I lived in the USA I'd still vote Green on principle for party diversity, peace, etc. even if they do believe the Climate Change scam. In Canada I always vote Green or write my local Green folks for their best advice because flawed as they may be, they seem to be the most rational in general.

I'd love to see a Peace-Freedom-Internet-Green Party happen. PFIG!!!

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She's a CFR member and reeks of deep state. RP should be familiar enough with these mechanics to not endorse her.

Talk is cheap. Obama said he was going to end war too. Maybe this is too conspiratorial for RP. I'd rather see no endorsement.

Yeah I'll probably be voting PFIG too, unless the libertarian party gets it together.

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Surface level generally matters more than the truth for these types of things, imo. I would have been a lot more upset about some of the things he had said about Trump pre-election for example if I didn't think they were trying to triangulate (Ron and Rand) him to a better position with a kind of carrot-and-stick approach.

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I totally agree it's all superficial theatre.

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Find me one who isn't compromised.

Will she be the next Obama? Maybe.

Is she better then Trumpetanyahu? Mos def.

Libertarians don't want to attack the corporatocracy. That's my big beef with them. Otherwise I like the live and let live thing, as long as they don't start with the forced removal shit.

Ultimately here's the truth: If voting were effective it'd be illegal.

Resist as hard, as often, as much, and as long as possible!

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I see your point but I don't think Trump and Obama are very different or better worse so I don't agree. She could easily be just as bad as either. They weren't even CFR members.

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Honestly I think Trump will stay in.

If anyone beats him I don't think it will get better.

My only hope is that the political theatrics can shed some light on real issues or expose the hypocrisy of the entire fiasco and entirely rigged corrupted systems. Maybe then we can actually build something better.

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My only hope is that the political theatrics can shed some light on real issues

That's my only hope too. I'm hoping the Dems debate about Israel big time. Blind support for Israel is becoming more partisan / less acceptable by Dems every day.

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You know what's weird. Every single time I read or hear about it, not to mention post or write about Israel, I'm triggered. I'm still kinda anti-Semite brainwashed. Logic takes over and I'm okay. But it's weird how I have to be so careful about it. Meanwhile I don't feel a thing if I mention "the Russians", in a good, bad or any context.

And I didn't even know about any of this until 3 or 4 years ago when I actually started looking at the Holocaust. I mean I knew about the Palestine thing since about 1999-2000 and dated a Palestinian/Syrian-American in 2003-2004, and I knew about the Freemasons and Illuminati - but I didn't have all the linked context nor any knowledge of the Holocaust and all the other religious prophecy shit.

It's like the greatest evil, Zionism, suddenly made itself known to the interwebs.