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I used to love Ben Garrison but now he just churns out low-effort Republican talking-points garbage like this.

What happened to his cartoons like this?

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Huh. That's a breath of fresh air. Too bad he's what he is now.

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I agree, it's a real shame how he went from seeing through the game to becoming a blind parrot. I would guess there's money involved.

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and i say exposing hypocrites in politics is just as important as ever. labeling something garbage only because its denigrates the left is disingenuous. feel free to post comics exposing the right instead of spreading negativity

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I agree exposing hypocrites is good, but I also think being accurate is good.

It's hard to see myself as spreading negativity when I'm merely pointing out that you regularly post things denigrating half of all voters in one fell swoop, over and over.

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I'm merely pointing out that you regularly post things denigrating half of all voters in one fell swoop, over and over.

yes, but what if i do? those left voters are free to point out the shortcomings of the conservatives just as well and i am not going to piss on their parade, but instead trying to debate it meaningfully and presenting the other perspective. it is not my fault liberals are providing all this ammo i am using! this comic is not showing anything that is not true and that is what matters. its all about being informed and not be an ostrich with the head in the sand.

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If you only see things from the right then IMO half of your head is buried.

By "your" I mean all those on the right - or the left. The identity politics are the big problems distracting from the case by case, issue by issue, real big problems - including this manufactured division.

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i agree, but thats not what i said; i said i am presenting it that way.. but you have a good point nevertheless.

there is a story about a monk who was tutoring a nun and among many other things also about sexuality in the church. one day, to make sure the nun is getting the point, he grabbed her by the pussy - pun intended - to which she asked him 'oh, but what are you thinking?' to which he replied 'and you?'

this is to say, only those who are not triggered by my post can say, they have their entire head out of the sand. think of it as a rorschach test.

personally the reason i mostly go with the conservative angle is that i dont like communism or their way of doing politics, their atheism, lgbt issues, trans issues, climate change politics and i could go on. ultimately my research tells me they are basically satanists.

knowing full well the left right divide is manufactured, it is not the entirety of the picture. cest la vie.

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I like that story. I liked the post. I like balance. But not all the time.

If you think the corporate-left are satanists you might be right.

If you think the authentic-left are satanists you don't understand them and their legit ideas.

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i find it hard to tell the authentic left from satanists when they are atheists or are promoting transsexual policies and other controversial and polarizing issues. i am all for worker rights though, but i also think worker unions are connected to organized crime. so there are a few things i do approve, but i am against any type of radical and revolutionary trends.

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An atheist doesn't believe in anything. It's very wrong to confuse non-believers with anything else. You don't have to be on the left or right to not believe in religion.

A Satanist believes in Satan, and presumably acts accordingly, openly and/or discretely. Luciferianism is different too.

The Corporate-Democrats are intentionally insane with their brainwashed SJWs pushing anti-fa, trans issues, climate fear, censorship, etc.

Some of the authentic-left (formerly known as progressives but now that term is being weaponized) see through some of this shit. Some don't. It's not good to lump them all together.

NeoCons, conservatives, alt-right, nationalists, supremacists, etc are not all the same either. There are very clear distinctions and definitions. Some may overlap. But it's not good to lump them all together.

Unions are like a pillow between your face and the stomping boot. Better to have them than not. They, like most power, has been infiltrated and corrupted. If the employers were fair to begin with, or even ran a coop, then there'd be no need for unions.

I'm guessing that if worker coops ever took off we'd start hearing about corruption horror stories.

I'm all for radical action yesterday. If it's good then it will be embraced. If it's bad it may be worse or it may be a little better - and it may also weaken the old structure. That's 3 better to 1 worse.

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Well it's one thing to blame "liberals" if 150 million people actually did something.

But if some democratic leader does some stupid stuff, blame that person specifically, or the DNC. Not "liberals" because most Americans aren't sitting around creating and voting on policy.

The accuracy is the difference, the accuracy matters. I'm really not cool with memes that throw 150 million people under the bus because of the actions of a few politicians. That's the exact divide-and-conquer laziness that politics is designed to inspire. Don't fall for it.

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well , the next time i post this comic, dont attack it then, it is very accurate and specific. or the corrupt biden and his son post you are also attacking. that is also very specific. you keep defending corruption and hipocrisy, and keep posting empty quotes and traitors like chomsky

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I agree. I think. I don't see enough of them to know though. Also I suspect that if he churns out enough some are bound to be keepers.

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They have changed significantly in tone over the years, he doesn't make comics like the pyramid one anymore

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Poor guy talks about fighting the rich: "Oh you're just butthurt because you're not rich. Pull yourself up by your bootstrap"

Rich guy talks about fighting the rich: "Oh the hypocrisy! How can he say that, he's rich"

In the end, there's no one in this world who is qualified to fight the rich.

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Captain Marvel can.

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Now do the Christianly thing and forgive them.

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Joe Biden...

Can't keep his hands to himself.... :-/

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Where's trump?

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what is he pretending to be? a republican? or a swamp drainer?

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Hahahaha. Well Trump is actually draining his own swamp pretty well, 2 convicted so far, I should give him some credit for that.

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Cut off 2 of the hydra's heads and several more spring up.

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They're all Democrats.

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Someone reported this as "Dragging down discussion on Pyramid of Debate".

What do you think?

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would be good to know what debate we are talking about. context.

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i will have to have a look at that pyramid, once i find it

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hey thanks, but then i thought, since you are the mod i will leave the deciding to you :-) sorry

i received a report only once so far about my own post from magnora. i deleted it bc he was right, it was a broken page. but this post generated quite a debate, so it added something to it! i call it a success.

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I don't know what the big deal is. Snowflakes fling mud too.