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Yes I stole this from Reddit, but I need something to get the ball rolling.

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is this part4? ps this made me remember i Never found the guy in prison in Skyrim, when ik played the second time, the first playthrough i came acros this person sitting in the back of his jailcel, so i could not talk to him and i also could not open the cell or get in etc. -i dont know if it was part of a quest, but the second time i was in that village i could not find the prison any more (ps its not a prison in 1 of the Big towns/caste`s who have many cells, also NOT in a towercaste, i thought it was a simple regular house with 1 jailcell, in case some 1 knows read this and remembers (i thought it was in Falkreath, but im not sure) any news of Elders Scrolls 6?

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You're probably talking about the werewolf quest in Falkreath where the guy was imprisoned for tearing a little girl apart, yea the dude in the cell is supposed to walk up to talk to you so it was probably bugged. The meme here is from Oblivion where your contract is to kill a dark elf prisoner. Not much news about Elder Scrolls 6 other than rumours and speculation, and the reveal trailer they showed a while back.

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Yeh i think your right about the guest, prob. a bug 😥. Its quiet about TES6 news, think they want to keep us in suspense

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I agree, I reckon it will take a while for some news to come out unfortunately.