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You may appreciate my /s/BittersweetSeeds screenplay/storyboard/graphic-novel project. One of these years I'm going to finish it, hopefully soon. You can read it then or tune in on occasion to see progress. Or you are even welcome to help in some way(s). Mostly I just need people prodding me and feedback. Eventually there may be more to do for others after I've brain dumped the full story basics into a vomit draft. If I had any discipline I'd be doing that instead of this.

It's a slow roll into dystopia. Unlike Hitler rolling into Paris, we've been slow rolling into World War 3 since 9/11, a new nation at war every couple years.

Interesting, you're the 6th or 7th female I've met on SaidIt, not that I'm counting nor that it matters nor ask. I've never known an Ash in person (or virtual). I know it can be a name for either sex. The only one I know of specifically is Ash from Army Of Darkness.

Neil Stephenson books vividly stick in your head for decades with their bold unique ideas. If my BsS story can be half as good I'll be a happy camper. I can't recommend him enough. His other work is terrific too.

Good call on The Forever War and Starship Troopers though I've not read it.

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I see you are a man/woman of many talents. I subscribed to all the subs regarding your /s/BittersweetSeeds project and had a quick look at them. I'll need some time to go through the rabbit hole you created. It's a great premise and you got my attention as a fellow science fiction fan and comic book reader.

You should read 'A Forever War' before they are making the movie and turn it into a Space Romance shitfest.- I've heard some gossip that Hollywood wants to make a movie and it broke my heart. Another writer that I like is Jeffrey Thomas, he's not hard sci-fi, though. His Punktown series made me a fan of him: "Jeffrey Thomas is a prolific writer of science fiction and horror, best known for his stories set in the nightmarish future city called Punktown": I have to figure out how hyperlinks work on this site.

Your guess about my username is 100% positive. I like horror and the Army of the Darkness movies. Ash is gender neutral and I don't have to lie about who I am. It's up to others to assume that I must be a man and calling me 'bro'. Technically, I'm not lying. I dislike women that have the need to shout from the rooftops that they have a vagina. I have to admit that I'm close to the edge, already dropped the gender bomb twice on Sadit. Most people in my internet family don't have a clue about my sex or background. It's a good thing, particular on sites like Saidit, Voat or in gaming.

I'm glad to have met my Voat sidepiece- (I already got a Voat husband..). Your open letter to the mod of s/holocaust caught my attention. It made me laugh but also made me think that we have a 'deep one' over here. It's not criticism nor praise. Just somebody I should have a closer look at. Refreshing after u/sawbone's and u/troll's verbal diarrhea all over Saidit.

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Wait until you catch the story. I'm just having trouble assembling the puzzle without a reference image and the ability to confidently discard the countless extra pieces.

Will check out Jeffrey Thomas soon. If you don't know Neil Stephenson you should.

LOL. Too clever by half.

What is a Voat sidepiece and Voat husband. I've never been interested in Reddit or any of it's clones. I came here for truth-seeking.

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I'll check out Stephenson.

the husband and sidepiece is my own inside joke. Jut people I get along with. My university husband was a gay guy I used to hang with the most.