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I have to add that Fahrenheit 451 is as relevant as Brave New World and 1984 now. Right now I'm downloading the contents of the videos I have saved on my YouTube account for the last 12 years +. European thought Nazis decided to infringe on our freedom to gain Knowledge. Many of my saved documentaries are already deleted or I can't access them anymore. I am a strong believer that Knowledge is Power. The more we Know the more powerful we are. Our Access to Information-Education, Books, the Internet, Networking is limited because they don't want us to gain knowledge that could lead us to a revolution that goes beyond a rebellion. We shouldn't have to decide between two options only when there are many options out there that are equally valid.

Late edit: changed 'contests' to 'contents' and added 'have to' to make sense of 'We shouldn't have to decide'

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You might want to collaborate with /u/d3rr who has a PeerTube instance and sub sharing the name /s/DownTheMemoryHole.

I too am a digital hoarder, though much much much less so since becoming a SaidIt addict. I have drives and drives full and sitting there waiting for a wad of cash for a server or a new technology that is decentralized, non-censored, and free of copyright worries so that I may share all the stuff I found interesting enough to download - even if I haven't seem way more than most of it. The fear of book burning censorship made me do it!

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They don't gotta burn the books, they just remove them

  • Rage Against the Machine

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Is that a quote?

A proper SJW won't burn the books cause muh carbon.
A proper SJW won't burn the books cause muh recycling.

Free lyrics for anyone who want's them.

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Hahahaha . Yes it's RATM I know you remember them as a fellow old fart.

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Tom and Right At This Moment are familiar to me. I just know know which song, because I'm not super familiar.

I like Tool because they have intelligent lyrics, but I don't really like their music for long.

I like the ideas of Florence Raging With Her Machine (in that way) but I'm not a huge fan of their music, nor Tom's music and its activism. I'd rather watch Tom bitch slap Bill Maher with his common sense ideas and awareness.

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I just subscribed. Thank you for the excellent recommendation.

I notice that Saidit is popping for the last few days. What's up? Is there a bank holiday for our American brethren?

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I hadn't noticed. I only see activity in chat randomly. How do you see / measure activity?

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I just noticed many new threads. I sorted Voat after new and sometimes I'd see the same threads for days.

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Oh, duh.

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It's important to keep downloading and saving things for future generations after the internet becomes sanitized. I try to download as much as possible and making it accessible for future offline use. We might have to take our hoarding a step further. Right now I'm not crazy enough or have the resources to print and distribute everything. But I collect old fashioned physical copies of books. If they decide against their interests and kill (parts of the internet) the physical copies of Knowledge will still exist.- Fahrenheit.

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Like you're reading my mind.

In my dreams I picture FANG failing under it's own gluttony - as well as the emergence of a distributed web. Just as everyone has appliances, water heater, furnace, etc. they should also have a plug-and-play minifridge-sized to a collection of servers in their basements, attics, garages, etc. in as many homes as can invest (and eventually earn from it) to take back centralized power.