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Rough Draft - Lemmings 1 Pitch

I'd like to do a short cartoon strip series for Druthers called "Lemmings". To start I do NOT need a clear yes/no answer, I just want to know if Druthers will even consider reviewing a concept pitch.

Only with the potential possibility affirmed I would draft up a Lemmings 2 Outline proposal to present concrete ideas for feedback, privately not openly - here in this unseen wiki draft is fine. Lemmings 3 Scripts should all be laid out as clearly as possible. Simultaneously different Lemmings character designs can be reviewed. When the combined pitch of outline, scripts, and character models are ready it can be presented to Shawn Jason and Druthers for their feedback, constructive criticisms, approval, and/or whatever. I understand Druthers space is very limited so every strip must be powerful to the max. Perhaps they may like to have 4 on their website and only choose one for the paper.

If they have money to pay that's great. If they want to pay me later if/when possible that's fine (ie. from merchandising). If they have no money for such things, I understand. But critically I need to know if they simply cannot entertain the thought of having a comic strip so I don't waste my time on something that won't see the press. Or...

Perhaps simply being online is a better place for this concept, on or off the Druthers site - and/or, and/or other local resistance sites may be the best and only place for Lemmings. Perhaps the comic strips may draw people to these sites via links or via addresses embedded in the graphic.

A decade ago, living in Muskoka, I tried to develop a concept for a Canadian strip featuring stereotypical Canadian wildlife characters. Under a big pharma cloud I was not very creative or cheerful then, and I certainly wasn't aware of the deeper levels of tyranny nor politically astute at all. I've changed much since then and perhaps if Lemmings goes well, maybe this Muskoka-based concept can also be dusted off and polished.

More about me, /u/JasonCarswell: I've been classical animator, computer animator, graphic designer, art director, creative director, director, etc. on countless TV commercials, music videos, movies, TV, and other projects over the last few decades, employed in Toronto, New York, Austin, San Francisco, Oakland, Ottawa, Victoria, Vancouver, and have been recovering for the last 10 years in Windsor, where my family has called home since 1983 (grade 7). In 2008 I put my blind faith in big pharma "anti"-depressants and crawling out of that pit with little left but my life, a new awareness, and ambition to resist tyranny I'm planning to return to production, but now focused on creating counter-propaganda content. I've been active on SaidIt for the last 2.5+ years and am also co-developing other decentralized platforms, while also getting more locally active in alternative politics.

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