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Iceland was also the only country ever to send anyone to prison for the malfeasance surrounding the banks in 2008. The US government has been the dominant source of evil on the planet since at least 1945. Think of the resources they put into this.

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If you think the US is the source of all this evil, then you need to pull your head out of your ass and look toward Davos.

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It's the same people. You say potato, I say potahto. The people running this show are truly global. I stand by my comment in that the most destructive tool they have wielded is the US government: Vietnam, Iraq / Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine... and now destruction of the US itself through uncontrolled immigration. These are just the highlights among the dozens of countries where the empire bases troops. So yes, the Davos crew are part of the same organization, but think about which military has killed/maimed hundreds of thousands over the last several decades, and you see the US is their favorite weapon when it comes to executing their plans.

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Imagine if we started a trend to get the world to start pronouncing it potahto.