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Wolfballs got sack. "Pandemic" Don't Let Them Memory-Hole This

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It's a new site, and reddit hates it due to the name, so they need support

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It's nice they have an associated site that states their goals, much like my idea for having various plug-n-play manifestos/constitutions/fundamental goals/mission statements, but it doesn't say much.

How do you mean support? Mirroring their content and linking them on Projex is the only support I know how to give.

If I get a VPS+proxy can it host Projex.Wiki, Volun.Tube, and TruthSeeker.Party at the same time (no rush for the latter two)? I don't trust any cloud, and this can only work if it's 1000% backed up locally. PM me where to sign up and I'll register, then share details on Session.

I'm assuming none of these will get much traffic for a while, if ever. I have no intentions of opening any of them up wide open for a while either.

PW could be but I don't expect much beyond SaidIt and Windsor.

VT is similar, for trusted folks to share and archive.

TSP similarily would primarily be for mirroring content, federating, and as emergency backup for SaidIt. Before opening this up I'd want to openly develop interactive expectations and social management protocols so folks would know what to expect.

What's to hate about the name?

Everyone these days is comparing themselves to lions and wolves. It may not be enough to defeat the Zionist weasels.

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Yeah I just mean link to it and mention it when appropriate.

yes a VPS can do all of that. it's basically the same as the cloud though- someone else's computer.

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yes a VPS can do all of that. it's basically the same as the cloud though- someone else's computer.

Yes, same diff.

As long as we get backups/mirrors.

I forgot (so many details) that it seems wiser to start by renting, gain momentum, then call for support if/when we need to build some indie-servers around town.

Let's pull the trigger, start the ignition, and drive it like we stole it until the wheels fall off.

I'm still gonna see what I can do about getting a better work box, server, and/or NAS boxes sooner than later.

My notebook was fucking stolen, but I do have a few sketches and memories around. I'll work on some more logo branding for these and for our resistance group stuff soon.

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what let's hunt down the mfer who took your notebook.

so youre holding off on a new physical server now?

let me finish my docker stuff with fscmidt and im all yours.

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I only have screen shots of a prime suspect. I suppose I should circulate that, and my list of missing shit.

so youre holding off on a new physical server now?

I'm following your lead. I don't know why I forgot this stuff we figured out a couple months back. The VPS cloud has pros/cons but it's already up and ready. As long as we can backup to Cassandra it should be good for a while. With an actual product and a web store we can then beg for support for some dedicated gear, admins, custom code, decentralization, etc. Getting at least 2 decent boxes (1 editing, 1 server) with UPS and fiber line(s) are still high priorities for me. Meanwhile I can take crap boxes and make them NAS on the LAN - or give them to needy people. Does this sound like a good plan?

Last night I smoked a bowl to sleep better, watched/listened to Dune a 5th time (it's like a resistance meditation), and filled 3 pages with more branding concepts. I'll need to take photos and crop the best ones to present for feedback. I didn't get to any of the The Several Deadly Sins Of Tyranny, icons and/or characters, and I haven't yet come up with a catchy name for the Windsor Freedom Media Networks Cooperative yet. Not even sure what order is best for those words. Next week I'll also need to finish a first coop draft to present to everyone to build upon. Today I'll be doing stuff with a potential investor, getting some gear, and may even start planning our podcast studio layout.

let me finish my docker stuff with fscmidt and im all yours.

Valentine's Day is coming up. Lemme know what you want.

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yes, nice plan! less is more. add it when you need it. 'right sized'.

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The great man, Lemmy!?